Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Kade's first day in Preschool - 3.
He was all dressed-up with his Spiderman backpack!

Little Man
Drew's first day in Kindergarten.
For those of you who don't know...I am Drew's teacher this year!
The first day of class was really confusing for him.
He couldn't figure out what to call me:
"Mrs. Mama"
"Mama Jenkins"
and finally with Emma's help he called me
"Mrs. Jenkins"
Vacation 2010 - Sea World, San Antonio
Kade in the pool at the hotel
It was 2 feet deep on one end, and the boys LOVED playing in the water without their life jackets. I bet we stayed down there for 3+ hours.We went out to eat on the River Walk at Acenar.
Sea World.
Our last day in San Antonio we went to the Children's Museum (HUGE HIT WITH THE BOYS) and the Rain Forest Cafe. The boys loved the ball factory they had at the museum. When we sat down to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe', Drew grabbed my face and turned my head towards the elephants that were making noise. He said, "Mama, you gotta check this out!"
Before we left town we stopped by the Alamo Dome to watch the Cowboys' Training Camp.
Drew wasn't really impressed because nobody was tackling hard or making touchdowns. ;)
4th of July in Childress with Nonni an PaPa.
"Wait for it...wait for it..." ;)
Kade, Nanny, Nonni, and Drew

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