Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

One of the boys' favorite traditions is making Christmas cookies. Concentration :)
I think Kade enjoyed eating the cookies most of all:)
Santa visited us early this year because Ronnie is commuting every week from Childress.
We will be moving as soon as we find a place to live.
On "our early" Christmas Eve, the boys opened PJ's, and we played
the game, Toy Story Kerplunk!After we played a few games, we loaded up for another Christmas tradition,
looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning - great memories :)

There was a lot of hammering on Christmas morning at the Jenkins' house ;)
Kade was really into Toy Story this year...can you tell?
He has been asking since May for "Woooo-dee" (a.k.a. Woody).
The Jenkins' clan

Papa acting silly
Sich, Lala, and my neice, Reese, and nephew, Truett.
Charla is due in mid-April.
I am so excited!!! I am going to be an aunt!!!
I don't know what I want Truett and Reese to call me, have any ideas???
Feel free to leave me suggestions....
I just know we are going to have fun times next Christmas.
Drew and Kade snapping green beans with Nanny
I had a great time cooking Christmas dinner with Nanny and Nonni.
Lots of laughs...
Drew and Kade love Nanny!!!
Nonni, Nanny, and Ronnie
My cute hubby and me!!!
New Bobcat jerseys from Lala and Sich :)I didn't take very many pictures at my mom's this year at Christmas, because my Pawpaw was in the hospital. He had surgery today, and all is well!!!
God is so faithful and good!
I did capture Chad and Drew putting together a Lego tractor combine. The box said it was for 5-12 year olds, but after 2+ hours of assembly and a lot of sweat ,Chad was questioning the age range 5-12. LOL!

My little Kaders turned 4 on the 2nd of January.

Time is flying by too makes me a little sad. We had a little party for him at Nana and Pop's after Christmas. Then on the 1st we took Kade and Drew out to eat Mexican food and watch Narnia 3. (Kade has been carrying a sword since we watched all the sword fighting in Narnia on Saturday:) On his birthday we cooked at big dinner at home, and I made him a cake. A pitiful cake...

(deep sigh)

Decorating cakes is not my thing, but Kade really like it.

Happy New Years!


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