Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Sweet Day

Some days being a mom is hard!
There are no days off, no sick-leave, no promotions, no vacation.
Some days are exhausting, BUT

Some days being a stay-at-home mom ROCKS!!!

Like Today...Today was AWESOME.

I enjoyed the beautiful day with my two little biking buddies!
On your mark!
Get set!

Little bro helpin' big bro get up the drive-way!!!

Kade is always "helping" everyone...Drew's shoe fell off, and Kade was more than happy to help him get it back on! Yes Kade does have two different shoes just wasn't worth fightin' today!

After the races concluded we had a lot of work to do with sidewalk chalk...lots of sidewalk chalk!

We don't do anything without getting dirty...seriously we could take three baths a day!

Drew and I had a blast with our version of "hopscotch"!

After lunch Ronnie came home and said we "needed" to go to the lake. So the family loaded up and headed to Lake Allen Henry! Some days being a stay-at-home mom is too good to be true!
The Jenkins' boys take fishin' seriously!!!
It's serious work, serious faces, serious grunts...until it's time for a
Funyun break!!!
OR...until the trucks need to be tended to!
After we fished for several hours, the boys went to cool off by the beach!

"Thank you Father, God, Creator for the gift you gave me today with my family. I don't deserve it...I didn't earn it, but I accept it and give you thanks. Amen!"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Things About Me...

I saw this on Lynnette’s blog a few weeks ago…
1. I was born in Austin, Texas in 1980.
2. I am the oldest…my younger brother, Chad, works in Houston, Texas.
3. My dad is handicap; he only has one arm and one leg.
4. He was electrocuted a year before I was born.
5. He spent six months in a burn unit.
6. He is one of the most accomplished men I know.
7. He never complains about his disability - I am so proud of him. My mom is always right by his side...his help-mate. I have never heard her complain either. I am so proud of her.
8. I never spent ONE day in my childhood guessing how much my parents loved me…not even one!
9. We lived in Pflugerville (close to Austin) until I was in 5th grade.
10. My favorite teacher was my Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Burch. She swatted me the first day for getting a drink when I was supposed to be in line =) I still think about her.
11. I started showing hogs when I was in 3rd grade.
12. I also started dieting when I was in 3rd grade.
13. I still diet...I don’t like that about myself. Vanity is one of my many weaknesses.
14. We moved to Paige when I was in 6th grade...I started going to Immanuel Lutheran School. I went there for 18 months.
15. I liked Coach Wachsmann. He called me Delta Dawn and always made me feel special! He died of cancer this year, and I wish I could have gone to the funeral.
16. I don’t remember much about Middle School except I didn’t like it!
17. I never was a good athlete, but I tried hard.
18. I have extremely flat feet! I don't jump high. I don't run fast. It a fact! =)
19. I showed heifers in JBBA (Jr. Beefmasters Breeder’s Assoc.).
20. I loved my show friends...I have recently gotten back in touch with several of them through Facebook.
21. We traveled all over the southern states showing as a family! Those are some of my best memories.
22. I drank enough in high school to float a boat…a really big boat. Thinking about missed opportunities and wasted memories makes me sad and sick to my stomach.
23. I got two tickets in one day when I was 17.
24. I graduated in the top ten.
25. My mom taught me how to organize my time. I think that is why I am good at multi-tasking and getting things done!
26. I won enough scholarships to pay my way through college.
27. Most of the scholarships I won in Public Speaking Contests. I love to talk (especially with a captive audience =) Ha!
28. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M in 3 ½ years.
29. None of that seems very important any more.
30. I almost died in a car wreck in 1998. I am glad I didn’t- I would have gone to hell. (Harsh words but that is the reality!)
31. I dated a lot of boys in college...none of them filled the hole I had in my heart.
32. In 2001, I was accepted into A&M’s Marketing Dept. to get my master’s degree and was planning on a big-time career (and salary)!
33. Two months before I graduated, Dr. Hall, my favorite Economics prof., asked us to compare our personal dreams (mine being a Mama & living in a small town) with what our professional dream would require (working 60 hours a week with an hour commute). Mine didn’t line up, so I dropped out of graduate school and decided to become a teacher.
34. I was the girl who had my entire life planned out by the time I was in 7th grade…I graduated from A&M without a job or a plan. God has a sense of humor doesn’t He? =)
35. I met Ronnie Jenkins at the Texas Tech vs. A&M keg party in 2000. He called me every night for a week. He drove back down from Graham to see me the next weekend.
36. I knew after our first date I’d marry that cutie pie. He had a way about him…I think “the a-ha moment” was when he told me I “had” to sit next to him in his 1977 Black Ford.
37.I wish he still had that truck.
38. He asked me to marry him Easter of 2001- he hid eggs with clues and scripture all around College Station. I said, “Yes!”
39. I think my parents weren’t ready to give their little girl away.
40. We were engaged until May of 2002, and it was the beginning of the worst 2 years of my life.
41. My greatest fear is disappointing people (especially God).
42. That is probably why I had a bad engagement…I was trying to please everyone but the ONE who mattered most.
43. My wedding day was not any better.
44. I cried on the way to my honey moon.
45. I wish Ronnie and I could renew our vows…I guess I need a “do-over” =) I think now I would actually mean my vows. I think now I know marriage is more than making vows to a man, but making a covenant with God. I pray I will get a "do-over" !!
46. I started teaching first grade in Prairie View, Texas the next year...I LOVE TEACHING!
47. God put Tim & Tara Suel, Miriam, Cynthia, and Nicole in my life in 2002 because he knew the road I was fixing to walk was going to be extremely hard. They extended God’s grace to me every day. They accepted me just the way I was…sin and all!
48. I was ready for a divorce by our first Christmas.
49. That was the WORST Christmas of my life. I do not have even one "pleasant" memory from that holiday except...
50. December 26th God led me to the book The Power of a Praying Wife.
51. I realized Ronnie WAS NOT the problem.
52. I finished reading the Purpose Driven Life. Rick Warren says, “You never know God is all you need until God is all you have.” At that moment I had no family (they were still upset about the marriage/dropping out of grad. school thing), no friends (they’d all graduated and left College Station), a hard job (over a two-hour commute every day), and an AWFUL marriage…God was all I had.
53. I gave my life to Christ that January…I had never known grace, joy, acceptance, and peace that I received the very moment…the very second I surrendered my life to Christ. I haven't been the same since. Praise the Lord!!!
54. God told me to get the “D” (Divorce) word out of my vocabulary. It wasn’t an option.
55. It hasn’t been an option since.
56. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but with God's guiding hand it is getting better every day!!! I am blessed with a hubby who is willing to get in the trenches and WORK at our marriage.
57. I read the Purpose Driven Life two more times, and God started restoring all the relationships in my life. I learned what it meant to truly forgive. I learned forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling.
58. Ronnie graduated with his Masters Degree and we moved to Seminole, Texas. He started working for the Farm Service he is "the" Loan Manager. I am so proud of him.
59. I cried the first time we drove into Seminole. There were tarantulas crossing the road and pump jacks in the middle of town. It was the ugliest town I'd ever seen.
60. Seminole was full of “firsts” for us!
61. We bought and remodeled our first house. I joined my first church home in Seminole.
62. We had our first baby in Seminole. He weighed 10 pounds 3 oz. I quit teaching Pre-K to stay home with Andrew Ryan.
63. I got post-partum depression. We caught it early. It was still scary! Depression is real.
64. Did I mention I have had two C-Sections?
65. I am dependable.
66. I wish I was more hospitable.
67. I had Sunday School teachers (the Hills) who showed me the Scarlet Thread. It was the first time I ever “saw” the Bible as God’s Living Word. I have never looked at the Bible as "just a book" since. The Word is alive and active!
68. Ronnie is an AMAZING Daddy...seriously!!! He plays with them. Most of all, I think he realizes how important his job as "Daddy" is.
69. We moved to Levelland in March of 2003. I cried when we left Seminole. I think I will cry harder when we leave Levelland.
70. I started Beth Moore’s Bible Study, Daniel, at FBC Levelland. It was my first "Bible Study" =) It was the beginning of my unquenchable thirst to know God.
71. I was asked to go on a Walk to Emmaus in November 2007. I fell head over heels in love with God. It was in 2007 that I started to see how God's hand had always been on my every move, in every event, in every friend. I am so thankful!
72. I spent 16 days in the hospital with Pre-Clamsia before I had my second son Kade. He was 5 weeks early. He spent 3 days in the NICU…it was heart wrenching.
73. I have given my testimony over seven times, and I pray God calls me to do it more often. I feel called to minister to other women about loving their husbands the way Christ has loved us. I love to minister to young ladies about being enough in the Lord – about letting God’s love fill them to the brim (Eph 3:17-20)!!!
74. I pray for my brother's future wife daily. I can't wait to finally meet her.
75. The more I read God’s Word, the more I realize I am just beginning this journey.
76. I can’t wait to build our dream house in the country.
77. We want to raise cattle. We want to move near Childress.
78. I can't wait for the boys to start 4-H!!!
79. I will go back to teaching in a few years. I know it is where God wants me.
80. I love being a Mama, but it is the hardest job I have ever had. Being a stay-at-home mom is even harder…sometimes I think about getting in the car and driving until I can't drive any more.
81. I love to make lists and check off my accomplished tasks. I know I am weird...but accomplishing goals makes me giddy. (I need help don't I? Ha!)
82. If I don’t get all my to-do’s checked – I am disappointed.
83. Sometimes I wish I’d lighten-up. Seriously =)
84. I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant with Drew. =)
85. I am a dreamer.
86. My prayer for my sons is that they’ll grow-up to love God more than anything else and be on fire for Him.
87. My biggest fear is I won’t do my part in helping them get to that place before God's throne.
88. I am an encourager. I think it is one of my spiritual gifts.
89. I pray my daughter-in-laws will love me.
90. I love Aggie football.
91. I am a hugger…I get that from my dad! I always see the glass half-full…I get that from my mom!
92. I love my sister-in-law!
93. I love my boys so much sometimes I think I am going to explode. I want to stop time…they are growing-up too fast.
94. I am extremely passionate…I tend to go over-the-top when I set my mind to something...really over-the-top. Just ask Ronnie, Ha! He has a full-time job keeping my grounded.
95. I have a sixth-sense about people…I think the Spirit of God has given me discernment to see when people are hurting, confused, overwhelmed, etc.
96. I wish I was more spontaneous!!!
97. I don’t sweat the small things…I have learned the last 29 years to pick my battles.
98. I am a morning person who loves sunsets. I love warm colors (especially red) and I still miss my childhood dog, Biscuit.
99. I am not fun to be around when I am tired...I become extremely grouchy (well, let's just be honest, I get really mean) and I start craving cinnamon rolls!=)
100. I have sinned much and been forgiven much. I have been loved much, so I love much. I am a grace girl! I want to love God more…I want to do a better job of being God’s hands and feet. I think my biggest problem with that right now is being selfish with my time. Because of what God has done for me, I can actually say that I wake-up joyful every morning. I wake-up with a deep down, ain’t nothing shakin’ me, overflowing joy in my heart because I know God loves me. God is on my side. If He is for me who can be against me? He is my joy-giver, my Prince of Peace, my Savior, my Friend, my Redeemer.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Last Remodel!!!

Ronnie and I finally finished the "complete" remodel of our home in Levelland!
Our atrium/entry way has been an awkward room from day one. I never knew what to do with it. It houses my hutch because my dining room is being used as the play room.
This winter I put all my plants in there, so Drew renamed the room the "jungle"! Ha!
I decided I wanted to turn the atrium into a sun room/sitting room and....
I think I have gone in to admire it a dozen times tonight =)
For $125 we redid the entire room (that includes: paint, decorations, etc.) Not bad, eh?
I can't wait to get up in the morning, open the front door, sit in my comfy rocker, drink my coffee, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy my quiet time in the new sitting room!
Green - Before
Red - After
Saturday Ronnie sanded and prepped the white trim to be painted. He finally finished around 10 and called it a day. We were both exhausted, but I went to bed before he did. When I woke-up Sunday morning he had painted the entire room red to surprise me...I think he said he stayed up until 3:00 a.m. I love that man!!! =)
My new sittin' and ponderin' spot!

Looking into the kitchen from the sitting room!
This is a picture looking outside above the front door. I had these tiles in storage from an Emmaus Walk last September...I am so glad I finally found a place for them!!! Royce (our talented neighbor) made this rocker for me when I had Kade. Isn't it beautiful? I decided I wanted to get more use out of it by putting it in my new room!
The chair after Ronnie recovered it!
Up close picture of the fabric!

This stand was 35% off at Hobby Lobby. I think I paid $25 for it! The mirrors on the wall are from Wal-Mart...I originally had 4, but the boys "crashed" the wall and knocked one down. (You can't have anything nice with two little boys in the house...and I wouldn't have it any other way=) Anyhow... I have had them in the closet for two years now!!! Glad I can finally use the three of them!!!
I got the door decoration at Mardel's on Friday. It was 35% off 45.00!!! Not bad, huh???
Most of these plants were in the atrium before I moved them outside. I bought the Moss Rose to go in the plant stand; Drew picked out the purple Petunias for the big planter!!!

My new was on sale for 10.00 at Hobby Lobby (over 50% off)

We planted this Crete Mertel last Wednesday...I can't wait for it to bloom!

A picture says...

a thousand words! Yes those are undies on his head!
No I didn't let him go to Lamesa with them on! Ha!
We've been busy!
Our entry way is the last room in the house we have to remodel. More pics to come!

After a long day in Lubbock on Wednesday, plant transplantin' on Thursday, visiting in Lamesa on Friday, helpin' Daddy remodel on Saturday, and planting flowers on Sunday my two little guys were tuckered out !

Monday, April 20, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesdays

I loved the idea I found on this blog about women sharing wisdom they gleaned from other women.
Titus 2 says "...Guide older women into lives of reverence so they end up as neither gossips nor drunks, but models of goodness. By looking at them, the younger women will know how to love their husbands and children, be virtuous and pure, keep a good house, be good wives. We don't want anyone looking down on God's Message because of their behavior."

Today I want to share a little of what my dear and extremely WISE friends, Mary Martinez and Andrea Martinez shared with me on a Walk to Emmaus last November.

I was on the prayer team for Women's Walk #34 in Stanton, Texas. I was loving it...we were seeing sign and wonder after sign and wonder. I mean God was showing off in a BIG WAY. We were seeing one prayer after another answered before our very eyes!!!
Saturday morning I woke-up sick as a dog: fever over 102 , dizzy, aching bones, and TONS of vomiting (is that TMI?=) Ha!!! I had my friends pray over me about 4:00 that afternoon and believed I was healed at that moment. I mean I felt the Holy Spirit flood my body and say, "Yes Daughter you are healed!"
5:00, 6:00, 7:00 and still I was sick...I mean so sick I started to cry. I asked Mary and Andrea, "What have I done wrong? God's Word says anything is possible for those who believe, and I BELIEVE. Why am I still sick?"

Andrea, in her sweet way, put her finger up to my mouth to quiet me. She and Mary told me that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed...
They told me to not be double-minded and voice my unbelief- 2 Corin. 4:12b "I believed in God, so I spoke." (Believing God -now that is another post for another day=)
Mary led me in the following prayer:
"Dear Father, Lord, and Creator. Forgive me for walking in fear. Fever has a name, nausea has a name, aching bones have a name, dizziness has a name, every symptom has a name and EVERY NAME BOWS DOWN TO THE NAME OF JESUS. Thank you for my salvation. By your stripes I am healed. Every muscle, every vein, every cell in my body will line up with Your Healing Spirit."
I realized at that moment God was allowing me to go through this sickness during this time because I was in "Spiritual Warfare Boot Camp" so to speak. Mary and Andrea were my "Titus 2 Sergeants" Ha!
After our prayer I went into the conference room...put on two or three blankets and rested in the peace that He who began a good work in me would be faithful to complete it. People kept coming up to me asking me how I felt (the fact was I looked awful). Andrea would give me a wink and smile, and I'd say, "My symptoms are there, but I am healed."

About 15 minutes later I thanked God for the trial. I thanked Him for being faithful. Then I don't know if I even asked Him the following question, but I thought to myself, "I have such an intense pain between my shoulder blades...if someone would just rub my shoulders, I think I could make it through the night."

WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT I WAS ASKING, God led Andrea (NOT EVEN 30 SECONDS LATER) to lean over and start rubbing my shoulders. She rubbed and rubbed for 10-15 minutes, and when she finished my fever broke INSTANTANEOUSLY.
I have never experienced a physical healing like that...I was in awe of the entire situation!!! MY GOD IS AT WORK ALL THE TIME (John 5)

I will forever be grateful to Ms. Andrea and Ms. Mary for showing me how to carry my Shield of Faith and wield the Sword of the Spirit.

Fishin' With My Boys

Saturday we went to Lake Allen Henry in Post, Texas. The wind was blowing, but we had a BLAST!!! Ronnie caught seven bass while we were trollin'. The boys loved throwing the fish back in the water and "petting" on them. Drew never really caught one on his "own"; Ronnie hooked one of his catches on Drew's rod and let Drew reel it back in.
Drew fished for six hours and still didn't want to leave. I think we've created a monster =)
One of Ronnie's catches.
Kade on the other hand didn't know what to think. He REALLY didn't like the life jacket, so for the first hour he just sat and enjoyed his thumb. Ha!
When we were in shallow water I let him sit by me without his life jacket. After he ate his twizzlers he played under the steering wheel with his trucks.

Then he decided he'd give the fishin' a try with Daddy and Drew.

Today is "Getting to know you" Monday on Lynnette's blog...go check her out!


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