Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Sweet Day

Some days being a mom is hard!
There are no days off, no sick-leave, no promotions, no vacation.
Some days are exhausting, BUT

Some days being a stay-at-home mom ROCKS!!!

Like Today...Today was AWESOME.

I enjoyed the beautiful day with my two little biking buddies!
On your mark!
Get set!

Little bro helpin' big bro get up the drive-way!!!

Kade is always "helping" everyone...Drew's shoe fell off, and Kade was more than happy to help him get it back on! Yes Kade does have two different shoes just wasn't worth fightin' today!

After the races concluded we had a lot of work to do with sidewalk chalk...lots of sidewalk chalk!

We don't do anything without getting dirty...seriously we could take three baths a day!

Drew and I had a blast with our version of "hopscotch"!

After lunch Ronnie came home and said we "needed" to go to the lake. So the family loaded up and headed to Lake Allen Henry! Some days being a stay-at-home mom is too good to be true!
The Jenkins' boys take fishin' seriously!!!
It's serious work, serious faces, serious grunts...until it's time for a
Funyun break!!!
OR...until the trucks need to be tended to!
After we fished for several hours, the boys went to cool off by the beach!

"Thank you Father, God, Creator for the gift you gave me today with my family. I don't deserve it...I didn't earn it, but I accept it and give you thanks. Amen!"


Belinda said...

How sweet. I live for the easy days. We had one last night.It is so nice when you have boys and they are older(you'll be there soon) and they just wanna sit around and talk and laugh.That doesn't happen very often.

Charla said...

Fun stuff! Looks like y'all had a very relaxing day! I am so looking forward to those kinds of days someday when I'm a SAHM!

Haylee Potter said...

I LOVE those days!!!! They make you wonder how those sweet babies can be such a handful on other days!!!

Jennifer said...

So glad you had a great day! You're right - some days are tough but..most days are just plain sweet!! I love your photos!

Van said...

Enjoyed the pics -reminded me of days gone by with my now grown sons.

all4boys said...

This makes me so happy! Oh, girl, your family is a precious gift, and so are you as their mommy! Much love!

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