Monday, April 27, 2009

A picture says...

a thousand words! Yes those are undies on his head!
No I didn't let him go to Lamesa with them on! Ha!
We've been busy!
Our entry way is the last room in the house we have to remodel. More pics to come!

After a long day in Lubbock on Wednesday, plant transplantin' on Thursday, visiting in Lamesa on Friday, helpin' Daddy remodel on Saturday, and planting flowers on Sunday my two little guys were tuckered out !


darsey03 said...

Thanks for the prayers Dawn! We know we will get through the storm b/c we know Who is in the boat with us. He is working, for sure! Your boys are getting so big! How are you doing lately? Hope all is well...Darsey

Belinda said...

Oh Dawn the pics are so sweet, I too understand with having boys of my own. Mine are teens now but I miss the underwear on the head cute.When you get done paintingh come on over we have plenty of that to do here.

Nicole Friedel said...

What little angels! Kids are so innocent, but you can especially see it when they're sleeping. I love how they sleep together a little tangled up; so sweet! I wish my kiddos would sleep together; they just play.


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