Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Story

Kade is a funny kid.
He has tons of silly ways about him.
Lately he has been dressing himself. Yes, his shirt and his pants are BACKWARDS. =)

He also likes to pick out his own more PJ's for Mr. Jenkins!!! He HAS to be wearing one of his 5 favorite shirts, blue jean pants/shorts, and shoes (minus the socks- he WILL NOT wear socks)!!! Ha! Like I said, Kade has funny ways about him!!!

Last night the boys wanted to sleep with me. Drew said, "Mama I need you to hold me." Followed quickly by Kade's pleading, "Hold shou Mommy, Hold shou!"
So, Ronnie slept in the boys room and they cuddled with Mama. This morning, about 5:15, I woke-up to the sound of heavy breathing.
Kade was missing from bed.
I called for him, and heard a sound coming from his bedroom.

He returned to bed-
with his favorite shoes in tow!

The kid cracks me up! Why he decided at 5:15 in the morning that he suddenly needed his shoes (Drew's old nasty smelly shoes), I don't know??? But it was important that he had them, so I let him climb back into bed with them on!!!

Why not?
This picture is from last summer when he wouldn't take off his orange helmet and Drew's red Lighten' McQueen Crocs =)

I love you Kaders- and all your funny little ways!!!

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Jennifer said...

Oh what wonderful memories you brought to my our red shorts phase. There was a day when our youngest wore those red shorts every (read that EVERY) day...if something else was required - the red shorts just went underneath! Our older son had a true lawnmower phase (a plastic one pronounced mawnmower) that he took everywhere...parked beside the tub, the dinner table, the bed...wherever was necessary!

Oh the time flies!! I just love little boys!


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