Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

This had been a busy week. It has been an exhausting week. In fact, Tuesday I was irritable, frustrated, sad, and overwhelmed... BUT TODAY HAS BEEN GREAT. We finally got packages sent off to 250 men/women overseas today. God has been present in every nook and cranny of this troop project. For example, we had two boxes with no addresses, but my mom calls Monday night to say she found an address in her spam folder for another boy. Coincidence? My God doesn't do coincidences!!! Amy Lawless, a sweet lady from church, approached me last night to say she found an old student through Facebook last weekend. Guess where he is at? Iraq! God is SO GOOD! I feel an overflowing, bubbling to the top, can't wipe the smile off my face, deep down in my heart joy today. It's a surreal high. A high that can only come from the MOST HIGH!
You know, I really need to get registered on Facebook!
I finished Corrie Ten Boom's book, The Hiding Place. Have you read it? If you haven't GO GET THIS BOOK! SERIOUSLY GO GET IT TODAY! It is about Corrie and her sister Betsie's experience in a concentration camp.
It's an easy/quick read AND it has inspired me, reminded me that God is present everywhere and in every situation. He uses all things for good for those who love Him (even the fleas in Corrie's bunk house!!!)
When I was at my mom's I went to the San Marcos outlet mall. I shopped all by was fabulous. I didn't even stop for lunch! Here are some of my purchases...
I am going to wear this to a wedding this weekend. The shirt is from Ann Taylor and the skirt is from the Black and White store. I have never shopped their before, BUT I LOVE THAT STORE! Below are the shoes I bought to go with my new skirt...they are Connie's and SO COMFY! I got the shirt below at Ann Taylor's also. I am going to wear it with a pair of white slacks I picked up from the Black and White store on Easter. The slacks are SO NICE...I think they retailed for $100 and I paid $29.99. Ha! I tried my clothes on for Ronnie when I got home (like I always do) and here's how the conversation went...
Ronnie - "Dawn who picked out your clothes?"
Me- "I did, why?!?"
Ronnie- "I really like the style...they look different from your other clothes. They fit better!"
Isn't it amazing how nice (expensive) clothes make all the difference? The great thing is I got the "expensive" look, but at a fifth of the price! Yea!
I bought the boys some clothes for spring! They look so handsome! The blue and white checked shirts are for Easter (Thanks Nana and Pops!)
I finally found Kade a pair of shoes he will actually wear. These are extra wide (see pic below). The lady at the Stride Rite store said the wides were probably hurting the top of his toes. Whatever the reason - the extra wides seem to be doing the trick for my baby boy's chubby feet =)


a cowgirl at heart said...

Did you know my friend, Corrie Searight, was named after Corrie Ten Boom? Cool, huh? Love all your purchases! One of my favorite stores is Ann Taylor LOFT, so I hear ya on the quality and if you can find a good sale (which is the only time I buy, of course) you can really get good just have to be patient!

Fun Family Fitness said...

I your clothes....want to commend you on all your work you do for the soldiers and everything else you are inspirational....about the clothes are so GOOD clothes fit GOOD....I love outlet malls....I am thinking a girl trip is in order....are you in?....steph

jerriann said...

Great purchases. Love your outfits and the boys will look like princes. You are such sweetie.

Also, I love your descriptive response to joy.

Haylee Potter said...

All week I have been nonchalantly saying "if you guys aren't busy on Thursday maybe you could go help Dawn at the post office"! I knew I wouldn't be much help since I would have Casen, plus I figured big, strong men would be better anyways!!! Glad you finally got it all done!!


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