Monday, April 6, 2009

Mr. Independent

My little Kaders is becoming aN "I-do-it-myself" kind of guy. He wants to shut the car door himself, buckle himself, and DRESS HIMSELF. This was the outfit he chose this morning! Ha! (Yes, that is a shirt he has chosen to wear as shorts. One leg is in the sleeve, one leg in the body of the shirt, and the collar is around his waist)
We started potty-training Sunday. Seriously, potty-training is EVIL. I can guarantee you that if Eve hadn't eat the apple, kids would have been born potty-trained. =)


jerriann said...

THis picture and story should win you a prize. That's some seriously cute stuff.

And the book currently off the shelf, bravo, it is so good. One of those everyone must read books.

Nicole Friedel said...

Good luck with Kade!! My Dean is going through his own little independence fun time, so I feel your pain. :) I hope the potty training gets better; maybe some warm weather will help. I put Dean in a swimsuit any time he was outside last summer, and when he felt the urge we'd just go outside. Anyway, it worked for us. :) Had such a good time with you last month!! XOXO


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