Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pumpkins and Scarecrows and Worms...OH MY!!!

Last year, Drew and I took the seeds out of our pumpkin and planted them in the field behind our house.
The seeds grew, and here is one vine that is growing behind our house. This is a picture of the largest pumpkin of the seven we've counted so is about the size of a cantaloupe. Ronnie thinks we might get 10+ pumpkins off this one vine!!!! =)We had to get a scarecrow at Wal-Mart to keep the birds from nibblin' on our pumpkins. Ronnie thinks my scarecrow is too small to scare anything away (sigh),
but if it doesn't work, I have heard putting newspaper under the pumpkins will keep the birds away????
The boys digging for worms.

The prizes from their treasure hunt...a grub (at the end of Drew's stick)

an earth worm.
"A Boy: a noise with dirt on it."
Exciting times in Levelland, Texas.


Jim said...

Dawn: Love the pictures. Nana said if you put a newspaper over the pumpkins it will keep them safe from birds and stuff. That is what they used to do with their watermelons and canteloupe. Love Mom

Paige said...

Oh how lucky your boys are to have a great Mom! You are bringing them up to love God's creation and to see the "wonder" of all the little joys in life. Thank you for always sharing - I just love seeing little boys being boys!

Jennifer said...

CONGRATS...I would love to be able to grow anything - but especially pumpkins! I love to decorate with them outside during the fall but I hate buying so much for something I'm going to throw in the trash!

HappyascanB said...

How cool is this? The pumpkins are lookin' great!!! Can't wait to see them carved for the season!!!!


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