Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Paige said...

wow Dawn I loved the video, that was amazing - very moving. I miss getting to see you hope all is well with you and the boys. luv ya, pl

Sandy said...

I have seen cardboard testimonies a few times, but this video was really awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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Belinda said...

WOW & WOW, I cried through this. I am so on fire about Kyle doing a lesson on this and our youth too. Thank you for sharing. This will change a life. It has mine. Love you dearly my sister. God knows what He is doing when He places people like you in my life.

Apron Senorita said...

Hi, so nice to meet you. I’m Yoli, a fellow “Texas Blogging Gal”. I made it my goal to visit each member’s Blog. I don’t want to just “drive-thru” to meet a quota, but instead to share the gift of friendship that God gives us all. I’m excited to read your inspirational stories and see your creative works. You are always welcomed at my Apron Senorita Blog.

Dawn, your words are inspirational. I admire your faith. I like where your wrote many posts ago how your faith doesn't depend on your baptism. That really made me realize that a simple ritual is not all that we need, it is in the daily living of God's word. God knows that we are human and we need constant feeding of his word. I am so glad that we met.

God Bless You!
Yoli Kalkofen

Kerri-Mommy 4 Him said...

This is an awesome video, Dawn. Thanks for sharing!!

BTW, there is an award for you on my blog.


Servant of the Most High said...


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