Monday, March 8, 2010

I Have A Great Neighbor

February 20th, on my way home from a conference, I called to see how Ronnie and the boys were holding up. To my surprise, Drew had leaped over a huge milestone while I was away.
I was incredibly sad that I missed it, but so grateful my amazing neighbor, Debbie, caught it on camera for me.

Since we are on the subject of bikes, I have a story.
Last week while the boys were outside riding bikes, Ronnie talked me into riding his bike. I am not much of a "bike-rider".
One reason is because I am so uncoordinated, and the second reason is that I had a really, really embarrassing fall my freshman year at A&M on my bike.
Let's just say I bet those four cute boys are still laughing at my expense. ;) But...
Ronnie talked me into getting on his bike, and taking it for a ride. I was doing great for the first 15 minutes; laughing, racing, and taking in the neighborhood with my two favorite boys.
I ran over Drew.
Yeah, you read right...I ran over my son with that silly bike.
We were pretending to "crash"
(I mean my boys love tackling, crashing, and anything that has to do with destruction),
and Drew fell off his bike right in front of me.
I tried to stop.
I tried to go around him.
Instead, my front wheel and I ran right COMPLETELY over his left shoulder.
(in front of 6 + of our neighbors I might add)
He cried.
I held back tears.
I picked him up while Ronnie applied the bandages, and we had the following conversation.

Me: "Drew, Mama is so sorry."
Drew (with big tears running down his face):
"Mom, why did you run over me?"
Me: "Well, Daddy made me ride his bike, so it's really his fault ;)"
Drew: "Dad, is it your fault?"
Ronnie: "No, I think it's your fault Drew. You fell off your bike right in front of Mama's wheel."
Drew: "It can't be my fault Daddy."
Ronnie: "Why?"
Drew: "Because I am the one who is hurt silly."

Well I guess this disqualifies me for the "Mother of the Year".
(Deep sigh)


jerriann said...

LOL Oh gosh that is hilarious. It could disqualify you for mom of the year award but you are qualified for wife of the year!

So so cute.

Oh yea, great picture of him in action, way to go neighbor.

M Hastings said...

Aww that *is* sad, but you can't blame yourself for not being able to avoid disaster. We all have the occasion in which we can't fix *everything*.

But I probably would avoid playing "chicken" again, even on bikes. ;)

all4boys said...

ROFL!!! This cracks me up. I can sympathize with you~I was the kid that nobody wanted on their teams in elementary school b/c of my uncoordination! The last time I rode my bike {last summer}, my neighbor was humming the tune from Wizard of Oz when the witch is riding away!

And the very first night I had my bike, I ran into my neighbor's mailbox! The tire got all wobbly on me b/c I was losing my balance! Lol. I read this one aloud to my hubby and kids.

Jennifer said...

Well...since Drew is alright - I guess I can say that is too funny. Truly, how many people can say they ran over their son with their bike:)

Your posts always make me smile.

Haylee Potter said...

Me and Chance are laughing so hard!!! That is something that would happen to me. Lesson learned from your experience, I will NOT be getting on a bike!!! LOL!!!

Andrea said...


Paige said...

Oh I am so sorry - but this was too funny. Life with boys is always going to be exciting - I am sure your boys will remember the fun yall had riding around the neighborhood and having a "cool" Mom that was riding bikes with them. I think it's great that you are making great memories with your boys.

Jackie said...

Stumbled across your blog - love it and following now!!

This post was so cute and I love your photos!!

Hope you'll stop by my place for a visit sometime - I love meeting new bloggin' sisters in the Lord!!

Sweet Blessings!

Diana said...

Great post and pictures!


The Mellberg Family said...

Awww, poor guy. Sometimes lessons are best learned the hard way. Glad it wasn't too bad.


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