Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Pictures

I took this picture last Wednesday before the Easter party at Drew's school.
He was not happy about taking pictures.
He said, "I'm going to be late Mom!"
I told him, "I am your mama, and I will take as many pictures as I want to!"
Nana and Pops stayed to watch the hunt.
Drew was so proud to have them there. He told all his friends, "There's my nana and pops. See my nana...the one with the hair!"
I told my mom it could have been worse.
He could have said, "There is my nana...the one with the big rear!" ;) Each child had his/her name on 14 eggs. The challenge was to find the eggs with their name on them. Kade's eggs had red dots. He picked red, go figure? ;)

Kade was checking for his red dot!

My mom bought those cute blue outfits for the boys!!! Thanks Nana!
We were able to use her "old lady" discount at Bealls, because it was the last Tuesday of the month!
I was able to buy the boys 4 really nice pairs of shoes for $65. Not bad! Drew found an egg with his name on it.
On Saturday went went to South Plains Church's Egg Drop.
At least 1000 people gathered for this community wide event.
It was amazing.
The youth leader led the kids in praise and worship; the boys loved the singing and dancing.
Then he asked the children, "What is Easter about?"
Of course, Drew was the one who yelled out, "It's about Jesus dying on the cross!"
My son LOVES to talk!
(He comes by it naturally! :)
After the short service, the kids were separated by age into 3 different fields for the egg hunt.
We were waiting and watching for the helicopter that was coming to drop the eggs.
"Where is the helicopter?"
He has on his new shoes! Snazzy huh? :)
The helicopter flew in and dropped the eggs, and the kids were let loose.
We couldn't figure out why Kade wouldn't pick up any eggs.?.
The parents were not allowed to cross the line to help the children, so Ronnie and I kept yelling, "Pick up the eggs son! Pick them up! Put them INTO your basket!"
He looked at us with confusion and said,
"Where are my eggs?"
By the time Ronnie and I figured out the problem, the eggs were gone.
He was looking for eggs with his red dot on them.
Poor little guy.


Andrea said...

Beautiful memories being made.
Blessings, andrea

Belinda said...

Dawn, such handsome boys. I just love boys and yes they just say what they think at times without thinking......wait til they are teens. It is even more fun.

sweet pain said...

hey there.i`m a romanian christian girl.a His daughter to. i am so happy for you,that u know My Amazing Fader.u have a great blog. may God bless you,,,and sorryy that my english is so bad

Jennifer said...

Aww, poor lil' guy! ;) How cool about the helicopter though!

Jennifer said...

The boys look adorable in their matching outfits (hoorah for seniors' discount!) and I love the idea of marking the eggs for the egg hunt! Gonna remember that one. Glad you had a special Easter...always love your pictures!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Your blog is beautiful, you and your family are so dear. I feel blessed today that I ran across it. Have a wonderful and glorious day with those precious boys.


kannan said...

V. cute


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