Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Tball Game for 2010

Wow, May is flying by.

Between celebrating Mother's Day, my 30th Birthday, our 8th anniversary, and Pre-K graduation, Ronnie and I have been going non-stop.

My friend Debbie took these "candids" at Drew's last game. I am amazed she was able to get these great pics through a fence, but the girl has "skills" ;) !!! Ha!
You can go to her website to see more of her work:

my absolute favorite pic- I love it!

"Go Bubba! Go!"

Drew's biggest fan!

My other favorite pic! Look at that face ;)!


Andrea said...

Absolutely precious!! What adorable little guys you have.

Nicole Friedel said...

Congratulations Drew!! How fun for everyone. Our babies are getting so big! :( :) I love it and hate it all at the same time. Love you!!

Jennifer said...

Cute pics! It's crazy that we're in the last week of May.

Jennifer said...

So good to hear from you again - yep, it does sound like you have been busy! Just the love the shots your friend captured...especially the thumbs up!:) What a cutie. Seems like so long ago that my Jordan played t-ball...or, at least, was on the team. It really wasn't his thing and he spent most of his time in the outfield doodling in the dirt (much too the angst of his daddy!) HA!

Good to hear an update - and happy 30th!!

Laina said...

great pictures!


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