Thursday, June 24, 2010

PawPaw's Surprise 80th Birthday Party

Fun times at Nana and Pop's house!
Nana and Pops let the boys pick out a surprise at Wal-Mart. Drew picked out goggles for the swimming pool (green of course :), and Kade picked out that Spiderman watch. The watch had an awesome bonus because it came in a lunch box. That little guy was so excited. He packed business cards, sticky notes, a dollar bill, his watch accessories, etc. in that lunch box and toted it all weekend!
Fun on the hay bales with Uncle Chad

Kade stayed pretty close to me.
Chad's new girlfriend, Ryan.
We really, really enjoyed getting to meet her.
Going to feed the fish and check the cows.

Pops actually let Kade steer the whole way down the dirt road.
I think Drew and the dog had motion sickness ;)
My PawPaw
Chad and PawPaw
The grand-kids (except Cody-16) and the great-grands!!!

The kids
Billy, Anita (my mom), PawPaw, Nana, and Monite

Fun in the pool!
I looked at Kade the other day and realized he has five or six freckles on his nose.
They are so cute!


Laina said...

what a lovely family you have. Your boys are simply adorable :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your PawPaw...looks like a great time and celebration!! Always enjoy your posts...your pictures are always so fun and happy:) Just like your life, no doubt!


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