Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eventful Friday

On Friday the Kindergarten class went to the Corn Maze in Lubbock. They had a blast!!!Drew and Kade loved picking out pumpkins. Our "corn teacher" showed us all the products that contained corn. I was surprised to see batteries and Crayolas in her pile. She said corn produces over 3500 products. Hmm...
Kade was really listening :)

Before our adventures started at the Corn Maze, the Kindergarten class went to sing for the residents of Hickory House. What is it about listening to children sing and touching little chubby hands that makes older people smile? Some residents clapped and some cried as the children sang "Standing on the Promises of God".
What a great day!!!


Shayla said...

so so precious!

Love all of the cute pics!!!!

OH how I love fall...and children singing Christian songs ;)

hsgresham said...

i just stumbled onto your page.. and saw the picture from hickory house - that's heath's great grandmother! i'm sure she loved seeing the kids:)


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