Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cute Story

Ronnie and I have been attending Experience Life Church in Lubbock. Two weeks ago, they baptized 50 people. In the service we attend, we saw 10 of those baptisms. It was AMAZING!!! Drew and Kade were so fired up!

So, I wasn't surprised a couple of nights ago when I heard Drew in the bath tub telling Kade, "I baptize you my brother, Kade, in the name of Jesus."

Then I heard Kade say, "I baptize you my broder, Drew, in name of Jesus."

This went on for 15+ minutes until I heard Drew start to cry. I went in there to investigate the problem, and this was the story I was told.

Drew - "Mom, Kade is drowning me."

Kade - "No, I not. I baptizing you."

Drew - "Mom, tell Kade it isn't baptizing unless I hold my nose. Kade put me under the water when I wasn't holding my nose. That isn't baptizing. That is drowning."

LOL ;) Precious moments! Now we all know the difference in baptizing and drowning! ;)


Charla (SHar-la) said...

It's even better the second time I heard it! Love those boys! Give them kisses from Lala!

BARBIE said...

Too funny. I love kids!


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