Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Sweetness

On Wednesday mornings we go over to Lala and Sich's to let Lala take a little break. The boys love taking care of Reese and Truett.
Drew, Truett, and Kade before Truett's bath. Of course Kade has a picture in his hands. He LOVES to color and "make lists". His "list" is usually lined-paper packed with rows and rows of teeny-tiny squiggly marks.
Drew and Reese before her bath.
Kade and Princess Reese after her bath.

Look at that face...need I say more???

The boys loved Truett's frog towel, but Truett...not so much! Last Saturday night Drew and Kade took Nanny on a date to Dairy Queen and the movies.

We watched Cars 2 at the Ritz in Wellington. Lala and Sich enjoyed a "big-night out on the town" while Nonni and PaPa watched the babies. I am pretty sure I saw Lala doze off once during the Cars movie ;) Who can blame her?

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