Monday, December 8, 2008

All Aboard the Polar Express

I know it might sound cheesy but the ride on the Polar Express was magical for all four of us.
We boarded the train at 5:30. Sitting on the lower deck was a plus because the train rocked back and forth a lot.

It was pretty chilly and I forgot all three of our jackets. I guess I will withdraw my application for the "Mother of the Year Award..." =)

Drew was just amazed standing by the train. He was a little frightened at first by how large it was.

The train took off to the "North Pole" at 6:00. During the 30 minutes it took us to arrive in Santa Town the attendants served us hot chocolate and cookies, music played from the Polar Express Movie, and someone read the book version of the Polar Express. During one of the songs I call "Hot Chocolate" Drew started dancing in the isle (just like they do in the movie)!
Once we arrived at the North Pole Santa and the elves boarded our train. Look at their faces waiting for Santa to get to our row....PRICELESS. In fact I cried from the time we arrived at the North Pole until Santa finished talking to Drew.
Drew told Santa he wanted a John Deere tractor. Santa asked what Kade wanted and Drew said, "He wants a tractor too...maybe with a front end loader."

Kade took a picture with our elf named, Cupcake. They were so entertaining. They danced with the kids and everything.

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