Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Paige, Texas

To quote my brother, Chad, this was one of the best Thanksgivings we've had in a long time!
It takes us 10 hours to get to Paige (population 100) from Levelland. We left at 6:30 an arrived at 4:30. My parents run a 100 acre Beefmaster ranch 10 miles outside Giddings, Texas, off of Highway 290.

We'd only been home 10 minutes when Chad took both boys for a tractor ride. They used the front-end loader to haul some sand...Drew was in heaven! It was so funny because while they were loading the sand, Drew's favorite song came on the radio, "Amarillo Sky". The song is about tractors of course!!

We went to Drew's second favorite place next- the pasture that houses all the round bales. He counts them, talks to them, and loves to use the tractor to put them out with Pops. This visit, Uncle Chad taught Drew how to jump and run on top of the hay bales. After getting a lot of help...I even made it on top of the hay bales. It reminded me of what Chad and I use to do growing up in the country. There wasn't much to do when you live 10 miles out of town, but we could always play with Biscuit(our old dog) jump on the trampoline, pet on the baby calves, and jump the hay bales.
Not a great picture, but Drew loved playing with Sophie!

Mom and the boys at sunset.

Kade helped Nana make "Pink Stuff" , most people call it Fruit Salad. It has Cool Whip, Crushed Pineapple, Cherry Pie Filling, Eagle Bran Milk, etc. He was mashing all the marshmallows with his chubby hands and then placing them one at a time in the bowl! I think some chefs call that "tenderizing" your food! =)

Both the boys helping Nana make pink stuff in their Christmas Jamies she bought them.

Chad and Drew showing off their "mooscles"!

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a cowgirl at heart said...

It was SO good to talk to you yesterday! I always feel so happy when I'm on the phone with you and I can't wait to see ya at Christmas! Anyway, you know what i noticed most about these pictures...first, Chad looks like a real grown up. THe last time I saw him he was still kind of a college kid, at least in his looks, but he looks so grown up now! SEcond, you look so happy and I'm so thankful God was able to bless this Thanksgiving with your family because I know it means so much to you!


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