Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Short As Possible

My Weekend in as few words as possible...

1. Friday - conference with Drew's teacher (he's doing great) & girl's night-out: 4 girlfriends, Johnny Carinos, laughs, and the new movie, Lovely Bones.

2. Saturday - time alone to clean house (so enjoyable & relaxing), grilling burgers, Wii Tennis, bike rides

3. Sunday - River of Life Fellowship (possibly our new church home?), fajitas on the grill, Cowboy football :(, the Season Premiere of 24

4. Monday - 3-day weekend, ironing, reading, making place mats for Emmaus, left-overs, no make-up, more 24

5. Today- 2 miles, babysitting Cash, making Nana Jo's banana pudding, naps, Emmaus Community meeting in Brownfield

Other random things...

1. Been reading this book and this book . I think the second book will be incredibly valuable with mothering two boys and teaching (when I do go back).

2. Can't wait until next weekend!!! I'm heading to Ceta Canyon for the "Can't Steal My Joy" Women's Conference 2010.

3. Been walking at 6 every morning for the last 2 weeks (averaging 3 miles) and will be doing this for the next 30 days...yikes I am already sore!

4. This is my new favorite preacher/teacher. His teaching on being thankful is incredibly anointed. He has challenged me to quit talking about three things: what I don't have, what I don't know, and what I can't do. It has been hard...I didn't realize what was coming out of my mouth. To see some of more of his food for thought go HERE.

Funny Story:
Drew and Kade were in the tub, and I heard some splashing. I went in there and saw red on Kade's back. They were probably wrestling, but honestly who knows??? The following conversation took place:
Me: "Drew, what happened to Kade's back?"
Drew: "Maybe it was the sun?"
Me: "No. It wasn't the sun, because it has been cloudy all day."
Drew (now rubbing Kade's back): "Well mom, Kade is covered in the blood of Jesus."
Me: "Well yes he is, but did you slap his back."
Drew: "Yes I did."


jerriann said...

Hi girl, I've been catching up on your page. They boys are so cute. I'm inspired by your walking every morning, good job.

Love ya.

TAMMY said...

Kids are so funny!

Mandy said...

Love your cute blog and your adorable family! And I can SO identify with the bathtub story! ha ha

Jennifer said...

Have you done the 30day shred before?? What type of equipment does it require? and what is she like on the DVD (her attitude...and language..is a bit much on the show!) Hope your results are amazing:)

Cody, Brandi, & Brady Young said...

Hey You! Love reading your blog and seeing the boys grow. I've pretty much abandonded the blog and opted for facebook. Not as personal, but much quicker, easier to update. We've found a new church home here in Midland and there is not a month that goes by that either Cody or I don't say "Man, Dawn would love this place!" Amazing music, amazing worship, laid back with technology all over. Brady loves "God's Big Back Yard" which is an indoor 3 and under playground. Miss you!


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