Saturday, March 1, 2008

Five Things

I was tagged by my friend Stephanie...
Five things you might not know about me!
1. I was in a terrible wreck when I was 18. It was one of those Ford Explorer/Firestone wrecks. I was airlifted to Austin where I was treated for lacerations on my head. I lost a bunch of hair, but praise God, I am no worse for the wear!
2. My dream job would be for me to become a Children's Minister at a church. My degree is in business, but I got my alternative certification to teach early childhood through fourth grade after I graduated from Texas A&M. Yes I am an Aggie, class of 2002 - Whoop! I taught for 4 years combined and loved it. I don't know what God has planned for me when I go back to work in a few years?????We'll wait and see!
3. I grew up showing pigs, heifers, and steers. My first steer ended up being my last steer because I hated letting him go. I loved showing heifers. My parents took us all over Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana to shows. The friends I made showing will always have a special place in my heart. Showing helped me so much in life: it taught me to be responsible, it helped me realized there was life outside the small town I grew-up in, and I spent all my free time with my family. I can't wait to share the same with Drew and Kade.
4. My brother Chad works in Houston, Texas, for Ryan Company. He is a tax consultant for major grocery stores and a few dirt company's. He is turning 25 in June and is currently single. Please send applications by email...ha ha!!! The people he works with are all young and single so they travel all over. I am so proud of him because he is such an incredibly hard worker. I am praying daily for my future sister-in-law...I think when the right girl comes along Chad has the potential to be a wonderful husband. I miss him so much!
5. Ronnie and I are huge budgeters. My husband is a loan manager so he does a wonderful job keeping us on track for the future. We are saving for our next move. God willing we will move in the next five years closer to home and be able to buy land, cattle, and build a house. Every time I think I want to buy some new furniture or an expensive decoration for the house, I think of the house I want for my boys. I want to build a house that the boys will be able to enjoy and use to entertain their friends. Having a houseful of boys can be daunting, but if they are with me I will always know where they are and what they are doing.

One extra - Ronnie's family has land in the Panhandle near Wellington, Texas. Ronnie's granddad's mother was a Goodnight before she became a Cummings. Goodnight, the Goodnight-Loving Trail. How cool!

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Stephanie said...

I am proud of you. I loved reading your 5 facts. I hope that y'all get to move closer to us here in Childress...haha...take care of yourself....


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