Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

This was taken at my parents in central Texas for spring break. Let's see, it took....10 minutes to get on the Gator once we arrived. Drew loves anything that is John Deere. He is a walking advertisement. Drew and Frofee (previously named Sofie, but now renamed by Drew) ride with Pops to check the Beefmaster cows, "Meefmasters" as Drew calls them.

Kade licking the brownie bowl at Mom's. When Kade was sick he lost down a few pounds...well he found them at Mom and Dad's.

Easter Picture- I promise they were happy! Picture taking with two boys...not fun!
This is Ronnie's pedal tractor from the 70's. He remodeled it a few years back for Drew. The boys love to watch the wheels turn...can you see an Engineering Degree from Texas A&M in their future? Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2027 and 2029...Whoop!
The famous Gator...worth it's weight in gold. Uncle Chad, Nana, and Pops bought this for the boys for Christmas. Drew puts it in high gear and I have to jog behind them to keep's a great work out.
Drew feeding the goats, donkey, and miniature horse next door...He loads up hay in the back of the Gator and takes it to them every day. The animals start running as soon as they see him. His favorite is the horse...he wants to ride that horse so bad!
Kade goes and sits in the wagon when he is ready for Drew to take him for a is so stinkin' cute!
Kaders loves his thumb just likes his big bro. Do you think the boys will be mad at me one day when they see the high airplane socks I made them wear?
Kade, Drew, and Gracie at Mom's in Paige. Mom and Dad kept the boys for two days while Ronnie and I enjoyed some peace and quiet in Aggieland. Ronnie had a workshop on Tuesday, so I sacrificed for the team and went shopping. It is hard work but someone has to do it!

The dirt pile Mom had hauled down to the yard for the boys. They loved it!
Dad taking the boys and the dog for a Gator ride to check the cows. I am so proud of my dad. He was hurt in an electrical accident at work in 1979. He lost his arm and leg and it didn't keep him from being Super Pops to my boys this weekend. Nothing makes me, as a parent, love anyone more than for them to love my boys. My day does. He fed them, took them outside, rocked Kade, etc.!!! Love you Dad!
Kade loved on my Mom's dog Gracie all weekend...he even said her name. He would just go up to her, grab her face, and kiss her. What a sweet pair!

Check it out...I started a new Bible Study by Vicki Courtney called, "Get a Life". It is about debunking six myths to Christianity. The first scripture we looked up was Ephesians 2:10, "For we are God's masterpiece. He created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago." This scripture inspired me to take a deep breath and think..."God created me, Dawn, to be HIS do the good things He planned before I was in my mother's womb." It just convicted me once again that as a woman I need to quit comparing myself to other women and just love myself for who/what I am. I am so grateful that my God is like Beth Moore said, "knowable." He is my joygiver!

Please pray for me as I am giving my Fourth Day talk in O'Donnell April 15th...

Funny things Drew is saying now,
  1. "Mama, I got a mission...I am a Baby Einstein."
  2. "Mama I got an idea!"(He then proceeded to use his tractor as a stepping stool to turn the light down.)
  3. "Mama, where is Daddy?" I respond, "Well, Drew, Daddy is at work making money." Drew says, "He making money so we can buy (chicken) nuggets and gum...gum, I love it."
  4. "Ah, Kade, I love you."
  5. "Mama, where is Haydn (a friend of ours) he at home sleeping with the snake?"

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Stephanie said...

loved the pictures....I heard that y'all really enjoyed your time in Aggieland...I am glad that y'all got away....just the 2 of you....I hope we get to see y'all sometime soon...take care and talk to you soon....steph


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