Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Boat Floated - Praise God!!!

Drew and Ronnie fishin' on the boat at Lake Whitney. It was suppose to rain all day, but after much prayer God let the sun shine for us all day. It was so peaceful. I was reading and the boys were fishing. I was invisioning many trips to come with my three boys on that boat.
My immediate family. Left to right and top to bottom as follows. Drew, Cole and Cayla. Mom, Nana, PawPaw. Cody, Sami, T, Me, Kade, Ronnie. Dad, Bubba, Ronny, and Chad. This reunion is my grandmother's parent's family (Ted and Montie Gallagher from Jayton). My grandmother has three brothers - Bobby Gallagher of Clyde, Tommy Gallagher of Oklahoma, and Gerald Gallagher.
My Paw Paw. His 78th birthday was on the 20th. I can't put into words the love I have for this man. He fought in the Korean war, worked hard all his life to raise three kids, and loves his grandkids. He has always supported me in every decision I've made and loved me unconditionally. I love you Paw Paw!!!
My family participating in the talent show Saturday night. I can't tell you what song they sung because I was laughing at the bell performance!!!
Cayla, my first cousin, loving on Kade. She has such a sweet heart and is an awesome guitar player.
Drew casting his line!

Ronnie, Chad, and Paw Paw!!
My mom's first cousins (Teresa, Carolyn, Elaine, and Anna) singing some type of spittin in the spitoon song...those girls are crazy!!!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures turned out great. We had such a good time. Kade is such a sweetie. He always smiles. Uncle Ronny has one question, where is Drew's life jacket! He really should have one on, I would hate for him to fall in and go to the bottom of the lake and be fish food. The boat looks good. Ronnie did a good job fixin it up. Can't wait till next year to see all the family. later, Aunt T and Uncle Ronny

Nicole Friedel said...

The kids are so cute and sweet!! And the boat looks great and lots of fun! I wish we could see you, but we're so glad that you post so many pictures. The kids, especially KatieLynn, love to look at photos of Drew and Kade.
Love you! Nicole


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