Friday, June 6, 2008

West Texas Weather

Kade and Drew went swimming at our favorite neighbor's house, Debbie and Royce. They didn't like the water at first, but were splashin' around everywhere before we got out!

We had sand storms off and on all week. Here is a picture Debbie took of her backyard Thursday.

Drew floatin' in the pool. The float kept deflating because last year Drew bit a small hole in it. He was just kicking his legs and swimming all over the place. When Royce got in the pool with us, Drew asked him "How's the water?" He is always cracking me up. Other things he is saying are: "You have fun Mama?", "How's that sound to you?" "Why?" "Wait to me!" "I meed you Mama!" "Mama, do you love Jesus?"
Debbie took these photos...isn't she talented?. I told her she needs to start a business. I know where she can get some kid models for free!! He He!!!
Chelsea is Debbie and Royce's youngest daughter. Their oldest daughter, Kelly, is a NICU nurse in Amarillo and is 16 weeks pregnant. Drew and Kade love Chelsea. She is so sweet to them and a very impressive young lady. She plays basketball for West Texas A&M, works, and managed a 3.5 last semester...but even more impressive- she loves the Lord. I am proud of her and she isn't even my daughter. I pray Drew and Kade will meet and marry a sweet young girl like her one day!!!
Royce and Drew "sestling" on the floor.
Drew playing with his tractor.

Kade went under water and didn't like it at all. Look at that face. He is his daddy's little "mini-me"!
Kade and Mama...He is saying all kind of things: Mama, ZaZa (a.k.a Daddy), Bubba (Drew), hi, ma (more), ball, and is pointing all the time. I even think he said, "I love you" the other day!

Drew and his daddy. Ronnie has been remodeling his dad's old boat, so Drew has been missing him. When Ronnie comes in Drew is his little shadow. Today Ronnie got the boat painted and buffed, and Drew was so proud of it. He told me, "Daddy paint the's pretty. We gonna go to the big lake...we gonna catch a big fish and eat it."
My little cute is he? I love it! He loves to eat...I thought I'd add that in just in case you are worried about him being malnourished!!!

Other stuff: This week has been crazy. Sunday I got home from our shopping trip, which was absolutely fabulous. I think my favorite parts were: Friday night, four of us stayed up all night laughing our heads off about nothing, Saturday, we shopped at New York & Company and all tried on clothes at the same time, and my new purchases (I never go shopping with money...I love getting new outfits!!!). This weekend my sister-in-law is on a Walk to Emmaus so we've been back and forth to Stanton a few times. I got a call to work the walk this November and I am SO EXCITED!!! Last week I asked God to help me become a serious prayer warrior. Two days later, the director called me and asked me to be on the prayer team for the about a quick answer! God is good...all the time!!!!


holly said...

Love your new pics of the boys. I just want to eat them up!! :]

Carly said...

Everytime I try to catch action pictures like that, they come out blurry. I envy people with that talent. Debbie did a good job! Then again, she had great subjects, too. I miss you guys! Wish I could have been there for girl's weekend.


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