Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Fun

Drew and Kade enjoyed playing in the leaves outside today!

Kade was "tackling" the leaves.

Drew wanted to slide in the leaves. Then the boys decided they would be "steam-rollers" down the "mountain"!

Thanks Aunt "T" for our John Deere bears. The boys loved "building" them and they sleep with them every night!
Drew earned his first dollar today raking leaves.

We are trying to teach him that all money is God's money, so he put 10 cents in God's Jar!
I asked him what he was saving for and he said, "Hmm...chicken nuggets and a tractor!"


Haylee Potter said...

Great pics!!! The boys are getting so big!! It is so sad that they grow up so fast!!!

Nicole Friedel said...

I love all the pictures!! The boys are so cute together, and Drew and his love for John Deere certainly reminds me of someone! :) Your fall festival looked like lots of fun, and I know the pumpkin carving was very special. Love you! Nicole


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