Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Drew Ryan!

Yesterday my baby turned 5. It was a little emotional for me. Time is flying by too fast.
I sometimes wish I could freeze the boys at this age because they are so stinkin' fun. It seems like it was just yesterday (literally) that we brought him home.

Drew was born October 19, and he weighed in at a hefty 10 pounds 3 ounces. Dr Rauth asked the nurses to bring the scales into the O.R., so she could weigh him herself.
Here he is at 3 months.

6 months
After church on Sunday, we met Nonni, PaPa, Nanny, LaLa, and Sich at Main Event in Lubbock for a family birthday party!

Drew's been counting down the days until his birthday since July.

Drew invited his new "best friend", Nolan, to go bowling with us.

Nolan gave Drew a John Deere Combine. Drew was so excited he could not even speak.
Thanks Nolan!
The boys loved bowling (the little boys and the "bigger" boys too =) I didn't know PaPa was such an expert bowler! Pretty impressive!
Watching Kade, Drew, and Nolan bowl was cracking me up.
Thanks for the hay bales and fork Nana and Pops!
Drew has been asking for this hay baler since last March! We've been "cutting and baling" a lot of carpet around here the last 2 days =) Ha!
Drew's first set of spurs. Thanks Uncle Sich!
We all went to eat at Casa Ole' after we bowled. Drew loves thier "green sauce". Nonni made him a Wall-E cookie cake! He loved it! Thanks Nonni!Cheese!!!
Monday morning was Drew's actual birthday. He requested a "green" biscuit!I put a few pictures from his actual "birth" day on the kitchen table. He was laughing at the picture Ronnie took of me right before we went in for the C-Section. To say I was "a little" on the large/swollen side is an understatement. Drew thought that was pretty funny!
Nonni, Nanny, Daddy, Kader Taters and I took another Wall-E cookie cake up to Drew's school to celebrate his birthday with his school friends.
Nonni made party bags for all of Drew's class mates.
Then after school we ate lunch and headed to Lubbock.
Drew requested we go to the "park where baby Mikah lives". It is the park by Covenant Lakeside where they deliver the babies.
Drew' s new John Deere boots!
Kade had a pretty good time too!
I love this picture!

After the park Drew went to Toys 'R Us and used the birthday money Aunt "T" and Nana Jo gave him to buy a Tonka Crane, and he used the rest to buy Kade an "I Spy" book. Then we went to eat at Logan's. Drew decided to forgo the meal and just pig out on the hot rolls and butter. I think he ate at least five. He is a boy after my own heart =) Ha! After dinner we headed over to Market Street to get a few groceries, and then we ended the night with frozen custard from Sheridan's. Drew said it was the, "best day ever!"


Amy said...

Precious. Your boys are so handsome! What a happy day...give him a big belated birthday hug from cold, rainy WA!

Montie AKA "T" said...

Glad you all had such a great celebration. I can't believe Drew is already 5. Time has flown by

Shayla said...


Drew is such a handsome little man :) I love the boots! and that is so sweet he used his money to by Kade a book (his pictures were priceless!)

That is so awesome that yall were able to let him have and do whatever all day long :)

PS I gave you the honeset scrap award :)

Jennifer said...

Those pictures show the real meaning of "life is good"....not only for the birthday boy, and his brother but also for his proud mama and papa!! I love birthdays Texas style!!:) Congratulations, Mama!

~Ellie Kings~ said...

So glad I came across your blog. I often call myself that, 'daughter of the King of kings!' Your blog is filled with so much joy and love!
I don't have children of my own, but have 14 nephews and nieces that mostly make up for that. They are such a joy, aren't they? a handful, but a joy! Enjoy your weekend with your wonderful family! :)


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