Monday, October 12, 2009


One woman's weed is...another woman's treasure.

Kade loves to pick flowers for me, but I don't know if "pick" is a good word.

He pulls up the entire plant up, roots and all!

I do not know what he enjoys the most: hunting the weed (I mean flower =), pulling the flower, or giving me his gift.

HE is my gift.

Last night Kade told me,
"Mama I love you this much."
Then he spread his arms, as far apart as they would stretch, and finished by whispering,
"I love you more than all the M&M's and 5 Shamu's."

A moment I want to bottle-up and save forever.

A few really cute things about Kade

***He loves to wear "jeams" (jeans).
He wears them all the time
(evidence in the picture below)

The boys wanted to take a picture with all the pumpkins from our vine.
Drew is in real PJ's; Kade dressed himself in "his" version of PJ's =).

***Kade loves to eat M&M's. He and I always get M&M's on Mondays while Drew is at school. When we walk in Wal-Mart he starts saying,
"I am happy, happy, happy!"

***Kade loves the color red:
red pick-ups, red band-aids, red monster trucks,
the red plane on "Jay, Jay the Jet Plane,
red shirts, red crayons, and red boots.

***He loves to ride his bike, and he is incredibly fast for a 2 year-old. It cracks me up when he tries to pop "wheelies" like his daddy.

***He loves horses.

***Lately, he has been pretending (for hours) to be a dog.
He barks.
He crawls.
He licks (the licking grosses me out =)

***When Kade gets really excited or happy, he dances in a circle and says, "Gooda, gooda, goob eye." None of us have any idea what he is talking about, but we love hearing/seeing him do it.

"I praise you (God, Creator, THE ONE who gave life it's name) because (Kade is) fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
Psalm 139:14 (Emphasis Mine)


Shayla said...


Kade looks and sounds like SUCH a sweetheart! I love the fact that he uproots flowers for you!!!!!!

I loved the "Love you more than all the M&M's and 5 shamus" part!!!!!!!! SO PRECIOUS!!! You have got to remember that FOREVER

What a sweet little Blessing :)

The Mellberg Family said...

Moments like these make all the rest worth it.

Shannon Rodriguez said...

Cute! When Logan acts like a dog he lifts his leg like a dog to pee and then makes the pssssss sound! I think I would rather have the licking!!

Laurie said...

What a little sweetie Kade is! Love hearing about his little cute personality! I have also had my share of "puppies" in my life! What's up with kids wanting to be dogs?

Nicole Friedel said...

What a sweetie! That cracks me up about m&ms while shopping together! I have started saving my grocery shopping for the days that KatieLynn is going to school, and I usually let Dean have some candy too (something I would have NEVER done before with both of them). Right now, it's candy corn!

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