Thursday, October 1, 2009 this before you read tomorrow's post!

I haven't been blogging much lately. Sorry followers! I have been working on something kind of important to me.

However, I have had tons to blog about like:

- Our amazing weekend away in Aggieland (a.k.a College Station, Texas) Labor Day Weekend! The hotel, the football game, the quiet drive, the amazing pancakes at The Kettle made the time spent in Aggieland amazing. However, the best part was dinner on Friday night...Ronnie and I sat, talked, and LAUGHED for over an hour after we finished eating.

- The Biggest Loser (seriously, what is wrong with the crazy woman on the purple team???)

- Ronnie finally cut pumpkins from our vine in the back yard. Drew and Kade have been carrying them around like infants. We sleep, eat, and cuddle with those three little pumpkins.

- Ronnie's 34th birthday surprise, a romantic night on the town without the kiddos AND a juicy steak at Texas Land and Cattle Co. It was the best steak I have EVER eaten...wowzers!!!

- Ronnie catching Kade on the potty taking care of "business" while Drew was tinkling between Kade's legs. They do get two points: one for creativity and one for time management...I guess ;)

- The next class I am taking (by correspondence) from Lubbock, Prayer and Fasting.
- Drew and Kade's conversation this week-

Drew: "I really love you Bubba."
Kade: "I love you too. You best friend."

- The Walk to Emmaus I am working on in Stanton, Texas, will be here in 5 short weeks. Woohoo!!! I am getting ready to preview a talk for the walk on October 17th! I should be nervous because I haven't put one word on the computer yet(totally unlike me...usually I finish projects weeks ahead of time), but I feel God asking me to wait on the Holy Spirit!

- My mom and day won Grand Champion Bull at the Beefmaster Bull Futurity last weekend. Whoot! Whoot! I am so proud of them!

- Drew and Kade have decided to be green and red cowboys for Halloween. I think the fact that the get to carry ropes and guns won them over!!! Ronnie's mom, Reta, is working on chaps for them.

- The fact that I have had an EXTREME case of baby fever for 3 plus months, and Ronnie has offered to get me a dog instead. Yes, you heard me right, he said he'd buy me a dog. =) Seriously??? ;)

- My brother is getting closer to buying his first home in Houston, Texas. Wonder if he will want the boys and me to stay 1 or 2 weeks??? Ha!

- My new sweet, sweet friend, Erin. God dropped her right into my life last Friday!

- The possibility that we might have finally found a church home (this is a story in of itself that I'll post later...Oh why not share it now.)

Drew started Pre-K August 18th, and since that day I haven't been able to get one of the moms out of my mind. Seriously, her face would pop into my head multiple times a day. Anybody had that happen? She has a son Drew's age, another one Kade's age, and a 10 week old. What a woman, right? Well, since I could not quit thinking about her I assumed God wanted me to take her a pot roast or something.?! =) I have been praying God would move me out of the "all about me and my needs rut" and help me really love on people He puts right in front of my face.

Anywhoo, I finally found out this mom's name, and asked her to come over last Friday to hang out...because who wants to take a pot roast from a crazy girl they've never met. Hmm...I digress! Erin, see bullet above =), came over, and I just knew she was an answer to two prayers (a new friend and a possible lead on a new church home). She told me all about The Church at the Barn that she and her husband attended in Lubbock. Ronnie and I visited there last Sunday, and WE LOVED IT!!! The people were genuine, and the sermon was challenging and FULL of the Word. I am going to have to go get out my cowgirl boots and dust off my sparkly belt for this Sunday! =) Ha!

So, you ask, "What has Dawn been working on that has kept these amazing, interesting, fascinating, page-turning stories from the blogging world =)?"

Drum roll please...

The paper I have been writing for my college class, In Christ Realities. Are you a little disappointed? Sorry =) Did the thought of reading a paper get ya snoozin'???

Some have asked to read the paper, so I thought I'd share parts of it with you over the next few days. Warning: IF, and only IF you are interested, grab some coffee, a comfy seat, and stay tuned for Part 1 tomorrow!


Belinda said...

Loved catching up on you and the fam.I think I you inspired me to post on whats been going on around here.Haven't heard from you in a while, hope our girl trip is still on for December. Talk to you soon. CALL ME......

Laurie said...

Wow! You've been busy girl! Glad you found a new friend in Erin and a new church home!!


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