Friday, August 22, 2008

13 Thoughts

My Sister-In-Law did this on her blog, and I thought it was very interesting. It's been over a week since I've updated, and this seems like a quick entry.

1. I am so glad our insurance is going to pay for Drew's speech assessment.
2. I can't wait for our Emmaus Team meeting tomorrow...the music, the communion, the talks, THE FELLOWSHIP!!!
3. I am so behind in Kade's scrapbook...I wish I could spend an entire day scrapbooking and watching a girlie movie.
4. I wonder how the Aggies are going to look this season? Can't wait to go to the game with Ronnie.
5. What resteraunts are we going to hit up in Aggieland?
6. Our date last night in Lubbock was fun...out to eat and bowling. Can we go once a week?
7. I need to call Family Photo and schedule Kade's 18 month pictures.
8. I am ready to get my hair cut again next Wednesday...I have never had a pedicure...that would be a nice splurge.
9. I am so glad Ronnie made the last payment for his truck...what are we going to do with the extra money every month?
10. I have five books on my night stand to read or reread...can't wait for our weekend in College Station to get in some reading time while Ronnie goes pawn shopping.
11. I wish I could have seen the Beach Volleyball girls win the Gold Medal.
12. I need to be ironing.
13. I wish we could eat at KBOBs and get the salad wagon tonight!

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