Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hermie The Wormie

We have a new pet...drum roll please.......Introducing, Hermie the Wormie. Drew found this caterpillar in the back yard Monday night. Ronnie made him a house. It was so funny, while Ronnie was drilling the holes for air, Drew told Hermie, "Don't worry, I make you a house." Then we came inside and he built a cocoon for Hermie out of Legos. Ronnie was watching TV and Drew brought him Hermie and a book and told Ronnie, "Hermie needs a story." Then he wanted to take a bath with him and prayed for him before he went to bed.
It was like Christmas here Tuesday morning, Drew shot out of bed and said, "Wormie make a cocoon, turn into a butterfly?" He has carried Hermie with him all over the house. The poor caterpillar is going to die of motion sickness. Last night Drew was rubbing the worm's back and saying, "I just pet on him, Mom!"


Nicole Friedel said...

How sweet!! My kiddos are really into caterpillars too! They are pretty amazing creatures. :) Love you, Nicole

Stephanie said...

That is the cutest story I have ever heard...Are kids so sweet and innocent....? thanks for sharing the made my day....take care .... of you and that catepillar....steph


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