Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Drew Ryan

Andrew Ryan Jenkins was born October 19, 2004 in Lubbock Texas. I was only 38 weeks, but because of Preclamsia my doc decided to perform a c-section early. When I went for my 36-week ultrasound, the doctor said, "Well, we have a 10 pounder."
Ronnie said, "Ten pounds at full term?"
"No, ten pounds right now."

When I delivered Drew, Dr. Rauth called the nurses to bring the scales because they couldn't believe Drew's size. He weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces. Everyone in the hospital was saying, "Hey, have you seen that kid with the really big head (14 inches)?" Ronnie was like, "Yea, he's ours!"

Drew 20 months.

Drew -1 week old!

Drew didn't have a name for three days. Ronnie couldn't decide between three names (Andrew, Ryan, or Garrett)...and the rest is history. Drew was the best baby...I on the other hand had quite the initiation to motherhood. In two weeks time I got the flu, mastitis, and was diagnosed with post-partum depression. Thank God for Ronnie...he changed diapers, helped me nurse Drew, washed sheets, and loved me through all the tears. Some things you might not know about Drew:

1. He loves, loves, LOVES John Deere tractors. In fact his favorite color is green. We have John Deere PJ's, comforter, toys, movies, books, etc.
2. Drew sucks his thumb...but really sucking is not the right term. He just places it in his mouth.
3. Drew carries around two "babies" with him. "Sissy" is the horses name that he started carrying around at a one year of age. "Baby Bear" is a white bear that he started carrying after Kade was born.
4. Drew is a picky eater. He only likes chicken nuggets, peanut butter, apples, cheese, cereal, toast, crackers, and anything sweet.
5. Drew still drinks warm milk at night with honey. When he was one, I switched him to whole milk and took him off the bottle. He wouldn't drink the milk at all. The only way he'd drink it was if it was warm and with a tsp of honey.
6. Drew is a social butterfly. He is always greeting people. Some of his friends came up to the party yesterday and he said, "Welcome to Drew' Birthday party!"
7. Drew loves to be outside, balls, trains, wrestling, and his daddy!"
8. Drew has two moles, (a.k.a angel kisses) on his face!
9. Drew is almost 44 inches tall and weighs 42 pounds!
10. Drew is a cuddler...he loves for me to lay down with him. He usually picks up my hand and puts it on his stomach and then brushes my face with Sissy's tail!

Drew's party was yesterday.
We played pin the wheel on the tractor! It wasn't as successful as I thought it would be =( Ate tons of homemade ice cream and hot fudge!
Drew, Emma, and Kade - Last week Drew walked up to me and said, "Mom, I gonna marry Emma, ok?"
Even Ronnie's 86 year old grandmother, Nanny, made it down!
Drew ate off his special plate Lala's mother made for him. Laura Dabney is a very talented woman!
Drew opening one of his favorite gifts...Thomas the train cars that have magnets on the bumper so you can put them together.
Kade enjoying some ice cream with Nonni (Ronnie's mom)!

We gave Drew a shoot (basketball goal) for his birthday. It is probably 6ft. tall and he loves it...he has wanted one since last Spring!
We also went on a hay ride during the party. Two friends let us borrow their tractor and trailer, and we drove around the cotton field behind our house.
You might be a redneck...
"Yee Haw!"
The kids loved it! Don't ask me why Ronnie and Jim aren't smiling bigger...I think it was because we only got to make it one time around the cotton field. =)

Ronnie's mom made Drew a double-stuffed cookie cake . It was soooooo yummy...and just the right price!!!!
When all the kids got to the house we had fun playing with the new "shoot"!
Left to right (Kade, Kelsey, Drew, Me, Audrey, Haydn, Kelton, Rayden, Misty, Tea)
Back row (Shannon, Cody, Brady, Amanda, Kambri, Kelsey)

Drew, I just want you to know that I love you so much! I love that you find joy in everything you see and touch...being around you is like seeing things for the first time. When you wrap your arms around my neck, kiss your brother, and hug daddy it brings a joy and peace to my heart that I can't explain. I pray every night one thing for you...that you will love God more than anything else in the whole world. Because if you do that, Son, you will always have true joy and peace. You are a gift to me, and I thank God every night that I have had the privilege to hug your neck and kiss your sweet face one more day! I am so blessed and thankful that out of all the mommies in the world that God could of given you to, HE picked me!!! Like we always tell each other, "I love you more than the whole are my best friend!" XOXO

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