Monday, October 6, 2008

My boys

Drew had his first choir performance last night at church.
Drew did really well sitting for pictures, but Kade had to be bribed with pumpkins.
I can't believe Drew will be 4 in 12 days...everyday I am thankful for him.
Litter mister...I hid the hard hat and shoes Sunday because they had new outfits to wear. Kade was upset at first, but once we arrived at church he was better.
This picture doesn't really look like Drew, but I had to show this cheesy grin.


Carly said...

Drew has really grown out of his "little boy look". I almost don't even recognize him.

a cowgirl at heart said...

I just love those sweet nephews of mine! They are such handsome little things! I wish I could have been there for Drew's first public singing adventure! Love you all!

holly said...

They are absolutley precious!!!!!

The Mellberg Family said...

Hi Dawn, do you think you guys could switch nursery duty with us. We have this weekend and we are going out of town. I just opened the schedule this morning. Just let me know.

Nicole Friedel said...

Dawn, Your boys are so handsome!!! Was it a little emotional when Drew sang at church? KatieLynn sang a little at church this past Easter, and she didn't even sing that much, but it still made me emotional, thinking about my little girl getting so big! I hope Drew has a happy 4th bday! Love, Nicole

The Mellberg Family said...

Thank you so much. You guys are in 2 weeks on my schedule so we will cover that day. Thanks again.


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