Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meet Jack

Drew and Ronnie carved out our pumpkin last night. Drew told Ronnie he wanted circle eyes, rectangle nose, and a happy face. While Ronnie was carving the pumpkin, Drew and I planted the seeds behind the house. Then the boys got busy with the wheel barrow haulin' dirt to "make a road."
The other night I was cleaning the bath room while the boys were taking a bath. To buy some extra time, we got out the mud soap. The boys had a blast "painting" each other with the mud.

Kade kept trying to blow the candle out.
The boys and their new pumpkin friend, Jack!
Kade's new word is "boo" and he is constantly trying to hide. The other day I was getting their bath ready and could not find him. I almost broke into that crazy, howling mom cry when I saw his little chubby hand sticking out fr0om under his crib. The little stinker crawled under there and was being as quiet as a mouse.
Drew has had fun saying "p..p..kacon" (a.k.a. pecan) because our neighbors are sharing pecans that are falling off their tree with us. Drew's new thing to say anytime you ask him a question is...
"Sure, I can!" He definitely sounds like he is from the south when he says "sure".

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