Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kade's Birthday Pictures...Finally!

We had a birthday party for Kade back on the 2nd of January. It wasn't a big party, but it was a ton of fun. Reta made a huge cookie with a John Deere dump truck on it for Kade, and we ate pizza, veggies, and dip!!!

Kade asking for Pizza and saying "Pease???"

Debbie took these pictures with her new camera... isn't she talented???
Nanny, Nonni, and Cash Man!
After we ate, Kade disappeared. He crawled under the table and was playing by himself. We will have to work on being a little more social when we have guests over!!! =)

Kade blowing out his candle...

He kept saying "one more"; he loved blowing those candles out. I think we did it 5+ times!!!

Royce and Debbie bought Kade a front-loader. What is it about boys and big machines???Boyce and Kade...
the boys love "Boyce". I tell them they CANNOT go over and knock on his door every time we step outside...but when he drives up in his pick-up or steps outside to work on the yard, they stick to him like glue. He plays basketball with them, wrestles, throws them in the air...it amazes me how patient he is with them.

Boyce helping Kade load his new gun...the boys loved those guns. They played so much with them that Drew's has already quit making the "shooting" sound.Cash bought Kaders a John Deere hat...you know how much Kade loves a good hat!!!

Kade kissing Nanny!!!
Drew fufilling his usual role when people are over,..."entertainer"!!!

Debbie took this picture one day when we ran outside to look at the Christmas lights.

Look at those big blues!!!



I'd be honored to have you come hear me speak :) It'd make my day!

jerriann said...

Hey girl, the boys are amazingly cute!!!!!!!! There is just something about your picture taking skills, they rock. Seriously, you should take it from me, I know. um hum. That's right.

Call me

Love ya

Nicole Friedel said...

Dawn, the boys are adorable! the party looked like lots of fun!! take care! nicole


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