Monday, February 16, 2009

Healing, Love, and Friends In Ruidoso

Friday after Ronnie got home from his conference in College Station (he was gone all week), we went to Ruidoso with the Crutchers, Rodriguezs, Potters, and Johnsons. Ronnie and I stopped in Plains, Texas, at a great little Mexican food restaurant. Then we got back in the pick-up and literally chased the sunset for two hours as we drove into New Mexico. We talked for over a hour and a half non-stop with no interruptions from the kids. (Just what I needed after a long week of him being away). We held hands and I shared some "deep" things with him that I felt God was whispering into my heart. I think that was probably my favorite part of the entire weekend. When we got to the cabin Friday night we all played Scattegories and laughed and laughed and laughed. That game just cracks me up!!! Saturday morning all the boys went skiing and the girls went shopping. Ruidoso has an entire strip of shops, and we ate the best pizza at this little pizzeria (it reminded me of the pizza I ate when I visited Chicago). Ronnie and the boys got back from skiing, and we all sat around and visited...supposedly, the guys are "a little" out of shape so they were already feeling the strained muscles by the time we went out Saturday night. We all dressed up and headed to eat at Casa Blanc; the food was good and the company was GREAT. Sunday morning we all went to eat at the Log Cabin and everyone headed home. Ronnie and I hung around and went to check out the Inn of the Mountain Gods. We weren't really in the "gambling" mood - I was so tired. We love to play on the Craps table, but I didn't have a single "Woo Hoo!" in me...and if you know anything about Craps, the "Woo Hoo" is necessary =) We drove around Ruidoso and shopped for souvenirs for the kids. (Ronnie bought Drew his first sling-shot so please pray for Kade's safety =) Sunday night we got in around 4, ordered Chinese, and watched a movie. I think I was asleep by 7 and slept in until 10 this morning. THAT PART WAS SOOOOO GOOD!! =) Ronnie's Mom and Dad kept the boys for us this weekend (THANKS NONNIE AND PAPA) and the boys came home this afternoon. All in all I believe this will be a Valentine's Day that I won't forget.

You know God amazes me...if you think about it nature reflects the beauty of God. He could have made the entire earth look like Levelland, Texas. But, he gave us mountains, waterfalls, seashores, canyons, beautiful sunsets and views like the one above. This beauty is not really "function oriented" - does that make sense? It serves no purpose other than for us to enjoy it. God gave us beauty on this earth to reveal another part of His personality...a way for us to see a glimpse of His True Beauty. At least that is what I believe!!!

Our cabin sat extremely high on a hill. It was beautiful - we had a hot tub, five bedrooms, wrap around porch, etc.
The view off of our back porch balcony!!! Isn't it beautiful...I could have spent the entire day sitting out there with a good book and hot chocolate!

Our living room at the cabin!

Ryan and Jose playing the WII
Our extremely hot hubbies - Ryan Crutcher, Cody Johnson, Jose Rodriguez, and Ronnie

Our king size bed - we even had our own bathroom. Shannon left Ronnie and me a little "surprise" on the bed but since this is a "family blog"... I will leave the details out!!! =)

The girls - Me, Misty, Shannon and Holly at Casa Blanc Saturday night!

The group on Sunday morning - we were all exhausted!!! The boys could barely walk from the skiing =)
You can go to Holly's Blog for more pictures from the weekend!!!

***Update on my last post: After I wrote that post I just felt like I had climbed a mountain and once I reached the top there was peace. Have you ever done that? Once you write something down you feel a sense of release? God has been showing me that He and I have some work to do - some old roots to hoe out of my thinking (so to speak). I prayed all day Thursday, "Lord if Your desire is for me to seek a different path in my "ministry" and to not do any more speaking, I am okay with that. I just want to be a vessel for you and I will go and do whatever You want me to. I will wait on you, Lord, to open up the next door for me to walk through. I know I some growing to do Lord, but I honestly don't know how to get over this mental stronghold. Help me!"

Friday morning I wake up, check my email, and cry as I read numerous encouraging notes girls and women had written me about Wednesday night. Then I took my kids to Floydada to meet Ronnie's mom and I get a call from a dear friend, Amber Decker. She and I have not talked in over 2 months (since Women's Walk #34). The conversation went like this:

Amber - "Dawn I haven't been able to get you off my mind this week. I felt like God has been wanting me to call you. How is it going?"

Me - "Well Amber I'll be honest, I have been better." Then I proceed to tell her about my desire to speak and share my "God story" and that I spoke in Seminole Wednesday and that I was dealing with some disturbing thoughts about how I did.. (which usually whether I am good or bad - I answer with the standard 'I am great! How are you?')
Amber - "Dawn, I know why God wanted me to call you!!! Jennifer and I have been planning a lock-in for the high school girls in O'Donnell. We need a speaker. I didn't know you enjoyed giving your testimony. Will you please come and share."

Of course I said yes and the entire time I am praising God because He knows me so well. He answered my prayer and opened not just a door to affirm He wants me to continue speaking - He opened a huge gate!

After I dropped the boys off I just wanted to "zone-out"...I mean honestly my mind needed to "veg" out. I had been processing way to much information and smoke was coming out of my ears. I just wanted to turn up the radio, roll down the windows, and scream, "I am Free." I had no kids with me, I felt better, I felt God had spoken a Word over me, I was fixing to spend a week-away with my hubby, etc. But, God told me to put in the DVD of Beth Moore's 'Believing God' - Session 7 that I had missed last week. I kept resisting; he kept nudging. SO - I listened, and guess what it was about? Getting over mental strongholds...Yep!!! I SERVE A GREAT GOD.

Jeremiah 33:3 the Lord says, "Call to Me, and I WILL answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know."


a cowgirl at heart said...

I'm SO glad you had a great time with Ronnie, the girls, and especially with God! Sometimes driving in the car is literally the ONLY way I can escape and get some really good one on one time with Him! Can't wait to show you something very special I got this weekend!

jerriann said...

costrI am so blessed, I just love you girl. Your pictures were a thrill for me to see, I haven't been there in a long time. The blue was so deep and brillant. I look forward to watching more of what God has in store for you.

jerriann said...

hum, I guess the first ? word there is the verification that the computer asked me for? Anyway.


Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I am a little jealous. :)

When you get time, email me so I can have your email address and we can talk cd's :)

I appreciate what you are doing.


Oops ... that'd be

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