Monday, February 23, 2009

We Ain't Just Growin' Kids 'Round Here

Nana sent the boys a Garden Kit in the mail. We planted sunflowers, marigolds, and cucumbers. The boys decorated the box, planted the seeds, and watered them on Saturday!

We have checked every hour on the hour (literally =) for seedlings and this morning we found this:

(actually the picture doesn't do the growth justice =)

We actually have two leaves on our marigold seedlings this afternoon...who knew watching plants grow could be so exciting...or maybe I just need to get out more ????

I went to Wal-Mart Sunday, and picked up more seeds to plant for two reasons:

1. It is something for the boys and I to do together (plus I am sure I get extra "mom points" because this is a "learning activity" right???=)

2. After watching Glenn Beck's "The War Zone" Saturday night on Fox, I decided I need to start teaching the boys "survival" skills. (Seriously DO NOT watch that show right before you go to bed...SCARY)

Here is what we planted this afternoon!
Drew said, "Mom, I am the best grower man in the whole world."

Packing the dirt with those chubby little fingers.

The boys have been working on "school" projects. I think Ronnie and I are going to send Drew to Pre-K two mornings at week at Levelland Christian School. I know he is ready, but me...not so much! I can't believe they are growing up so fast.
Pictures below of Drew and Kade working on their names!You can see in this picture Kade is wearing Drew's old shoes. I hid the red Lightin' McQueen Crocs thinking he would get over the shoe obsession...NO! He started wearing an old pair of Drew's except these cause him to have HORRIFIC foot odor. Seriously it smells worse than any man I have ever been around. Kade keeps things interesting! Never a dull moment - and I love it!
I am having a hard time with Kade getting so big...the baby stage is over. I realized last night Kade is the same age Drew was when I had him. The other night I had to just go into their bedroom and hold Kade's little, chubby, elephant-knuckled hand. I would have bottled up that moment if I could have.
The plants aren't the only thing growing around here: Kade is weighing in at 32 pounds and is 35 1/2 inches tall. Drew is 43 3/4 inches tall and weighing 45.5 pounds (he has shot up 1 3/4 inches since the first of September). Kade's new thing to say (in a real gruff, bearish growl) "Mama, Come On!" He has also started putting his baby puppy (a little blanket with a dog head that he carries around) to sleep. He rocks it, lays it down on a pillow, and tell all of us, "Shh! Baby seepin'!" I need to get him saying it on camera because the "Shh!" part with his little chubby finger over his lips is priceless.
The boys spent the evening sitting in the boat in our front yard pretending to fish. Ronnie is already tunin' up the boat for this spring/summer. WE are planning on doing a lot of camping, fishing, and vacationing with the boys. We are looking for good places to camp...please leave me suggestions if you know of any!!! The boys just can't wait...I don't know if they'll be able to sleep tonight after talking about sleeping in the tent, making s'mores, playing Hungry Hippo all night long, tubing, going fishing, etc.


Holly said...

Those gardening kits look like heaps of fun! I would have loved one of those when I was younger! :D

Shannon Rodriguez said...

We usually try to do something like that during spring break. One year we had a whole container of tomatoes freeze to death because I left them outside take of your new little babies...don't leave them outside overnight! Jose and I are taking the kids to Beaver's Bend this summer. It is a long drive, but I have family down there. It is beautiful!

all4boys said...

Hey, Dawn, it's your bloggy friend, Jennifer. I loved this post. Seriously loved it. I experienced the same feelings when my boys were that age. I just wanted to freeze time. I am trying to keep my head up about how independent they all are now :(, but it's hard, ya know? Those sweet lil chubby hands made me want to Drew is about to turn 9 and I can no longer hold him. Speaking of that, I have a great book recommendation for you: it's called, Let Me Hold You Longer, and it's by Karen Kingsbury. It's from $10~15 but TOTALLY worth it. It's in story book form, but it's all for the mama. You'll have to blog about it and let me know what you think.

I wish I could recommend a place for you to camp, but I'm nowhere near you. I know if I was, we'd be great friends. If I ever come to TX, I'll look ya up! Oh, and are you on Facebook? If you are, look for me...Jennifer Lloyd Goodwin. Have fun growing things with your sweet babies and kiss them lots tonight!!! Love ya!


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