Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kader Tater

Kade's two favorite shirts (above and below). He goes in his closet, grabs the shirt HE wants, and brings it to me to dress him.

I took these pics with my new camera. I am still trying to get the hang of all the "new" gadgets. Kade and Drew are sick in these pictures.

I selected the "vivid green" button on my camera for this pic...does the dump truck look "vibrant" to you?

Kade loving on Daddy when his temp was high all week. The boys had some type of "parot flu" (sp?). We took them to to doctor on Wednesday because they weren't getting better. Kade got steriods; Ronnie and I picked up the cold bug. We were sick until yesterday. Yuck!Kade had an "owie" on his head. He wouldn't quit asking me for a band-aid.
(don't worry - once I got it wet it came off easy!)
Kade's new words:
- Sorry
-help me guys
-Daddy's hat
-Come on guys
-"I like God" (a song on CD)
-candy 'nandy'
-Daddy home
The kid is cracking me up...he wants to wear his "day" clothes all the time - no more pajamas. It is like he wants to be ready to go "bye-bye" at any given moment. I had to finally say, "NO!" to wearing his shoes to sleep. (Ha!) He wants to wear his wranglers and some type of hat (usually the football helmet backwards) and he has to have something (usually my phone) in his pocket.

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