Monday, March 9, 2009

My Handsome Boy

Drew sang in the "Tiny Tunes" Choir Sunday night at church. He definitely made an impression with his deep voice and West Texas accent.
Ten Random Thoughts on a Sunday night:

1. I pray Kade's fever will go down (currently we are sitting at 102.5) and the "Croup" will go away. We went to the ER last night...they said it's viral. If he isn't better by morning, we will be going to see Dr. G in Lubbock.

2. I loved getting to catch-up with Lala and Sich (Ronnie's brother and Sister-in-law) this weekend. We cooked burgers, ate oven fries, and watched The Man From Snowy River. After their visit I felt more relaxed and refreshed than when they arrived. How is that?

3. Can't wait to go see Mom and Dad on Friday. The boys are going to LOVE the Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo. Nana promised to take Drew bowling (a.k.a "bawling) with a green ball-his favorite color. Wanting to drive 10 hours in the car with the boys by myself isn't crazy. Is it? =)

4. Ronnie bought me a new camera for my birthday, anniversary, and Mother's Day (all fall in the same week in May). I decided on a a Canon Powershot - 20 optical zoom 10.3 mega pixels. It is suppose to be in before I leave to go to mom's...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

5. I have an amazing hubby. He helped me clean the house twice in three days.

6. Where am I going to plant all of the watermelon, cucumbers, tomato, and pepper plants that are sprouting in our foyer?

7. Our Church is starting an archaeological study on the Holy Lands on Sunday nights...I think it will be cool.

8. Do you know anyone who can make the word "milk" into a four-syllable word? Drew can!

9. Ronnie's mom, dad, and grandmother came to see Drew sing Sunday...I wasn't a great host. I woke them up in the middle of the night with a crying baby and fed them take-out three times in a row. Ha! They didn't mind!

10. Drew wants Ronnie's brother to teach him how to rope. I see many rope burns and falls in my future! Hee Hee!


The Mellberg Family said...

Oh goodness, we have that yucky cough, fever, and snotty nose too. I protested until we got antibiotics and you know what we started getting better. We've had it a week today and are still coughing with yucky noses but the fever is gone.

a cowgirl at heart said...

We had a great time, too! We really wished we could have stayed, but this summer we will do more of that!

Can't wait to see y'all again!

Haylee Potter said...

Yuck, sorry Cade is sick...when is it ever going to end???? Casen is running fever today too. It's a low 99.8 fever so I am hoping it is teething and I am going to try to ride it out..... I am tired of going to the Dr.

Let me know if you need anything.

jerriann said...

Ahh, you so made me smile. I could just hear your sweet, sweet voice in the words you wrote. I feel better to, somehow. Weird. Anyway, sorry baby is sick, and NO you are NOt CraZy!*@. I always said a full baby is a happy baby. I just handed cookies to the back on trips. Now with dvd players and all, shoot, no problem. :)


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