Friday, May 8, 2009

Bloggin' Buddies

Yesterday I drove to Childress to listen to my dear friend, Jerri Ann give her testimony. It was amazing...the Holy Spirit was moving in a BIG way!
I got to meet up with my bloggin' friend, Belinda from Childress. She and I recently started chatting through our blogs!!! She is AMAZING! We just started talking like we've known each other for years!
All four of the ladies above : Belinda, Charla, Me, & Jerri know each other through blogging. Just another way God is using the Internet to join the Body of Christ together.


Belinda said...

you are now my life long friend, your stuck with me.I have been praying and thinking about you all day.I really enjoyed the evening.I can home last night and started getting into the word.Found my self loving 1st John.

Nicole Friedel said...

Dawn, You're beautiful!!! Miss you! XOXO

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Okay, I must interject and say I did NOT meet you on the computer and have known you longer than I've been blogging, so, um, excuse me...


jerriann said...

I, also, must interject and say that I knew you before I stared blogging : ) and that I started blogging because I was inspired by you, And I love that we make friends that we would never have the chance to meet without it.


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