Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay , I finally fixed my blog!!! This is my last blog "make-over" for a long time.
Seriously it is!
(stop really is =) Ha!
I am so excited about the finished project.
Can you see me doing my the happy dance???
UPDATE: I created my header at - it was easy, easy!!!
UPDATE #2 - Go to my friend Jerri's blog for her AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!


all4boys said...

Well, you saved the best for last. I love this one. How'd you get your header with your pic and title and all that? I've tried to find those before and they didn't work. LOVE this one, though!

You're welcome about those comments...I know that kind of pain. Been through it plenty of times. It always helps to have a friend pray for you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Jen

Amy said...

Nice! I CAN'T seem to make up my mind about my blog, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

Great work! I'll check in again tomorrow! It's been a tough, busy week, but I have a good recipe to share (even if I don't have good news on the scale). I have been feeling more and more motivated and bathed in the prayers of this group of ladies, and feeling good is half way to looking good!


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