Sunday, May 31, 2009

Biggest Loser Week 3

Three weeks down, 9 to go!!!

Verse For The week!!!

John 6:35-36, "Jesus replied, 'I am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to me will NEVER be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty."
I wonder what would happen if when my flesh was weak and tempted I truly went to God for help. I'll be honest, this week I have eaten a lot out of sadness and exhaustion. I guess you call that emotional eating? I think a lot of women, myself included, turn to physical food to satisfy something only spiritual food will satisfy. What could God do for my weak flesh if I went to Him as the Bread of Life and asked for HIS help? I am going to try that this next week and I am expecting BIG things!!!

Time to mix it up ladies.
#1 This week enter your Name

#2 Goal for the week (but let's follow Kassie's example and make your goal measurable. She said she wanted to drink 84 oz. of water a day...)

#3 Your Favorite Healthy Recipe (you can leave it under comments or put it on your blog. This is optional, but I NEED some new recipes. My hubby is begging you!!! =)

# 4 Weight loss for the week

#5 Prayer Request

My Turn:
I have two goals: 1. To work out for a total of 4 hours this week. 2. To drink 80 oz. of water per day. (If you need to find me I will be in the bathroom! Ha=)

Weight Loss Tip for the week: (I am taking the week off to read yours =)
Weight Loss - 0
Prayer Request - First a praise to tell you God answered your prayers and I am at COMPLETE PEACE with the situation in my Bible Study. God is good; thank you for lifting me up!!! I would like prayer to strengthen my flesh, so I can accomplish the goals I set for this week.
Your Turn:
See you back here next Monday!!!


Haylee Potter said...


My Goal for the week is to get a workout in every day this week.

I have three recipes that I will post on my blog.

I lost 1 lb!!! Not that good, considering, but I am very, very happy with myself... I have lost 10lbs this month!!! I had lost two pounds before starting this biggest loser, so I am proud of myself for accomplishing my goal for the month. I am going to step it up and set my goal for next month at atleast 15lbs!!

My prayer request is still for Chance's grandma (dad's mom- Bess) and now also his grandfather (mom's dad- Roy Lee) who has been in the hospital.

The Mellberg Family said...

I broke even this week. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong.

My goal is to workout 4 times this week.

My prayer request is for energy.

Way to go Haylee!

Amydeanne said...

what a nice blog you have! :)
i love the BL! One of my favorite shows!

Jamie said...

Goal - get on track & focus

Weight Loss - 0

Prayer request - balance - I feel like my life has been a whirlwind for the last week & need to find some balance. I feel like when I am too busy , I can't focus on eating right.

I have Taste Test Thursday on my blog so I will post more recipes there.

Shannon Rodriguez said...

My goal is to run 4 days this week.


Please prayer for Alexia this week. She left for church camp this morning with the church. I pray that God uses her in a big, big way!!

holly crutcher said...

My Goal is to do some sort of workout every day this week.

Didnt gain but didnt lose

Prayer request: More energy, focus on goals, and for the oil field to pick up! :]

Recipe: Just a new way to fix your green beans

Fresh green beans- microwave (steaming takes out most of the nutrients)

drizzle with olive oil (just enough to coat)

sprinkle with Kosher salt (you be the judge of how much)

sprinkle with a little garlic powder

There you have it. My sister made it for me this way and I loved it. Dont worry about the olive oil. Its good for you! :]

Anonymous said...

My goal is to continue with 84 oz of water daily and to walk everyday even during The Walk this weekend!!
-0.2 (not alot but...)
My prayer request is that I am able to serve God this weekend without distraction and that my kids will be safe while I am away and their dad does not interfere with their weekend.

Amy said...

Goal for the week is to drink 84 oz of water (thanks for the guideline!) and have 1-2 glasses of wine (I usually have a glass with dinner 3-4 nights a week).

I have some recipes and I will post them on my blog - also, I have found that the Morningstar brand spicy black bean burgers are delish, but make them in the oven like suggested.

I lost 0.6 pounds! I almost rounded it up to one, but I'm being honest with you ladies, and with myself!

Prayer request - be calm and patient with my students...this is a hard time of year, and when they are rowdy, and I react poorly, I get stressed, and when I'm stressed I want sugar!

natalie said...

Nice job Girls!!! You definitely inspire me!

I lost 1/2 a pound. I'm a little disapointed, but we spent 3 days out of town so lots of eating out.

I'm a school counselor, and our summer break started today. WOOHOOOO!!!! So, my goals are;

exercise daily
eat 3 healthy meals daily
no snacks after 7:00p.m.

My prayer request; please pray for Ashleigh, my daughter. She wants to get into the nursing program. She got a C in her college alg. class so she is retaking it this summer hoping for better! (her mother is not much help!)

My favorite low fat smoothie is on my blog!

Good Luck this week girls,

Dawn Jenkins said...

Becky Vetter -
This morning I am happy to report that I have lost 3.2 lbs this week! Woo Hoo!

It was a very very very stressful week for me. The end of the month always is. I also had to dog sit this weekend for my daughter. 2 dogs. A Dalmatian named Perdita & a Great Dane Bull Mastiff mix named Keira. Friday night the Perdy started having seizures & was very ill by Saturday. My son in laws parents came & took her. Last I heard she wasn’t doing very well. Keira really doesn’t like staying by herself in the back yard & it was our weekend to paint my daughters house so we weren’t home. She bolted right through the middle of the gate. Shattered it in fact, all to be free! She is a wonder dog. She just wanted to play with all the kids in the neighborhood riding their bikes & stuff. Unfortunately they weren’t real thrilled seeing this 140 lb horse running towards them & they called the pound. She did have a collar with luckily MY phone number on it & the man called to tell me about his adventure with Keira. He did have to sedate her in order to get her to stop running from him(she thought it was a game). Needless to say she spent the weekend in Doggie Jail! (I hope they let me watch their kids when they have some)

This week I hope to relax & unwind from last week. Needless to say I also forgot my journal with my verses in it. I still haven’t finished the pens for the walk on Thursday so I told my fam that they were on their own till I have them all done!

I would like to ask for prayers for my grandson Noah. He is 9 years old & really having a tough time. His parents are divorced & he keeps acting up in school because 1) He thinks that if he does he will get to go live with his dad 2) to get back at his mom. We give him a lot of love but he still has issues. He even got kicked out of Camp Fire which is summer daycare. (That is bad because they do & go lots of places in the summer! Fab program!) He has to stay with Grandma…(NO fun) We still don’t know if he passed the 3rd grade or not. He needs lots of love & prayers!

natalie said...


Thanks for the blog award. It's the first one I've gotten!!!! You made my day!

Good luck with your goal this week. I'll be praying for you and all of the other girls!

Love you,

Empty Nest Full Life said...

My goal for this week is to get in at least 4 days of good exercise. I am finally feeling better.
Will post recipes just a little later, I just returned home from visiting relatives.
Lost 1.5 and I am thrilled about that.
Prayer request. My daugter has a chronic stomach condition and is taking treatments. She has started bleeding some again, so my prayer request is for her. That she would stop bleeding and see some more positives from the treatments. You can read more about her on my blog. Dawn, thanks for all the encouragement, and again sorry for being late posting. Jackie

Nicole Friedel said...

Nice job ladies!!

goal: workout at least 2x this week
lost: 2 lbs
prayer: Thanks for all your prayers for my husband; Darren is feeling much better now. Another praise: I hurt my back this past weekend and yesterday it hurt the worst, but today the pain is gone!! Thank you Jesus!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm on the same journey, but have lost my steam. I need a switch to flip in my mind or to see a fatty picture or something to get me back on track.

Love your blog header.

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