Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

Kade's latest outfit...hard hat and Drew's car shoes!!!

Friday we went to the Blackshear's (our neighbors) for the third annual 4th celebration. The neighbors across the street, Debbie's oldest daughter, Kelli, and her hubby, Justin were there. Justin and Kelli will be having a little girl the first of November. We ate burgers, sausage, potato salad, Jo's oriental coleslaw, cupcakes, etc. The kids swam and then we popped fireworks.

Kade pinching his nose. How cute is he?
Drew wanted Ronnie to go get more fireworks. Boys and fire...what else can I say? Ronnie and Justin were blowing up ant hills, putting fireworks in fence posts, etc. I think they had more fun than the little boys!!!
Drew and Kade waiting to do sparklers! Ronnie is such a patient Daddy!
Kade, Royce, Emily, and Christian - Kade can say Royce "Boyce"... he purses his lips together and says, "Boy"
Drew went to go get his "sunglasses" a.k.a. John Deere safety glasses!

I've taught Kade a new "trick". When you ask him who the boss is, he says, "Mama!"
The family
Debbie and Kade.

Kade was lovin' the sparklers!
Ronnie was shooting off a Roman candle...when it was over, Drew told him to go get more at "Wal-Mart"!

We live on the edge of town. To the north of us is a cotton field and the city limits. We sit in our backyard every year with the Blackshear's and watch the fireworks. Drew and Kade had a blast watching the fireworks and chasing frogs!!!
Saturday we went to Lake Allen Henry, near Post, with our friends Rodger and Diane from Plains. Rodger let Drew "drive" the boat to the lake! At first he didn't want to go on the water because it was too "windy", but once we got out to the swimming spot, he did great.

Justin, Rodger's son, pulled the girls (Megan, Madison and me) first tubing. They couldn't throw us. We even cleared 4 feet off the water when they took us over some waves. I loved it! Then it was the boys turn...let's just say Rodger wasn't very kind to them. Ronnie fell off first, and then Justin fell off the second time. Girls rule!!!
When we first pulled up at the lake we anchored up with Travis and Steph (Rodger's other son). It was like that country song "Redneck Yacht Club"- except they have VERY nice boats!!! Everyone got out and swam. Kade went first. Look at him...he looks like a little Ninja turtle with that jacket. After swimming he got tired...I pulled the zipper down on his life jacket and he ducked his head in the "shell" and slept!!!
Drew finally went in the water. He loved it, but does not like getting his head wet. He told me, "The water's perfect!" Then when anyone would tube/ski, he'd ask them, "You guys alright?" When we finally went back to Rodger's lake house, he told everyone, "We made it. We made it together." It was hilarious. He is already noticing/appreciating "teamwork"!
Kade and Drew had matching swimsuits...I love it!
We got to the lake around 10 and went back to the lake house around 3:30. The boys played the rest of the afternoon. They didn't cry one time...Praise God! It was such an enjoyable day. When we left around 8:30, we had two tired little boys. Drew went right to sleep, and Kade went into "I am so tired I am going spastic-hyper mode"!!! He did this singing/yelling thing from Slaton to Lubbock. He woke Drew up, and Drew was telling me to "spank" him, and yelling at Kade to be quiet. Ronnie and I just laughed...


Amy said...

Hehehe - I love it when one kid wants the other to get in trouble...reminds me of childhood with a sister less than 2 years older than me!

Looks like you guys are having such a fun summer, and your handsome boys are growing up so fast!

sdrodriguez said...

Looks like you had a great 4th. I can't wait to see how Logan reacts at the lake. I think he will like it too!

a cowgirl at heart said...

Sounds like a blast! Oh, what I would give to be on the lake right now. This no pool business in C-town is not making me smile much! I'm so glad you guys are getting to use the boat so much! It makes all that hard work and sacrifice worth it, huh?

Stephanie said...

Love the pictures...I am so glad that y'all had a great time... The kids look so cute and look like they have so much fun.. Take care of yourself...steph


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