Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Book Review-Part 1

I have just finished two great books...thought I'd share a few thoughts with you on one tonight and one tomorrow!
1. Love and Respect - Our Bible Study group is watching the Marriage on the Rock DVD series and loving it. (I highly recommend it!) I just finished the book, Love and Respect, we are reading at the same time. The book is really good. In fact, the first sentence grabbed my attention, "How can I get my husband to love me as much as I love him?" Don't all girls ask that question from time to time! Well, sisters I've got the answer! Drum roll, please....UNCONDITIONAL RESPECT! We need hugs, kisses, and communication and MEN NEED HONOR. Eph 5:33 Paul writes, "Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and a wife, Dawn, must respect her husband." Notice God doesn't say respect your husband only when he's accomplished your honey-do list, been romantic, and earned the title of Super Dad. It means all the time...even when he doesn't deserve it. Well you might be saying, "You don't know my husband, Dawn, or why should I?" The answers are (a.) because God tells you to, (b.) because it's the key to your hubby's heart (the key to getting him to love you more) and (c.) because God loved us when we were still sinners-Romans 5:8. Unconditional respect is a new concept and a hard one to get my mind around, but I need unconditional love from Ronnie. Don't most girls? I can't imagine what I'd feel if Ronnie came home and said, "Oh, you didn't put on any make-up today, the house is a mess, and the kids are dirty...I am not going to love you tonight. You don't deserve it!" I would be devastated. Well, men need respect; when we put conditions on them receiving our respect, aren't we doing the same exact thing? Whoa...am I stepping on any toes? Well, this book stepped on mine. I recommend it as a must read for every nearly, newly, or old married couple. The more you respect him, the more he'll love you- it is that simple. One more thing to motivate you if you are still not convinced --- I am trying it, and IT WORKS!!! Glory to God!!!

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all4boys said...

Hey, it's your bloggy friend, Jennifer. Thank you for your prayers for my hubby, I can't wait to tell him that people EVERYWHERE were praying for him to be able to pass the CPAT test he has to take on Sunday!

You are the third or fourth person I have heard say how great the book Love and Respect was. I am going to have to buy that. Or recommend it to my Sunday school class. Thanks for sharing, and how awesome God is to enlighten us on how to keep our men satisfied! I love how He uses so many different tools, His word, books, friends to name a few. If you liked that one, I did a study last summer called Apples of Gold that was really good. You can probably read the book on your own, it's so interesting. It takes the love and respect thing a little further, and teaches us how to be submissive, hospitable, loving, etc. It was wonderful and a life changing experience for me.

Blessings to you, Siesta!


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