Monday, July 28, 2008

Odds and Ins

Kade loves corn!!!
This is just the norm for Kade - His hard hat and someone's shoes!!!
Kade with Justin Bennett's company hat on!!! Hey Justin- I know where you could get some free advertising!!!
Drew's first puzzle!!!
Drew working on his Dora puzzle!!!
More corn - have you ever seen anyone eat corn with such zeal!!! I love my Kaders!

It has been a busy I thought I'd let you in on the craziness:
1. All week the boys and I have been walking and going to the playground across the street - so, Friday we load up (snack, babies, Kade's hard hat, drinks, etc) and I realize the tires are low. So I figured out how to work the air compressor (I even switched the ends around) and started airing up the tires. I was successful on the back two, but as I started to fill up the front tire I saw a huge bubble come out the side. When I touched it the tire popped! I was so bummed and so were the boys!

2. The boys have been swimming and playing in the sprinklers all week. I think last Tuesday, They played for over 2 hours in the water together. They were filling up their little cups and watering the yard. It was so cute!

3. Drew is drawing people now, putting big boy puzzles together, and he told me last week, "Mom, you are my best forever friend."

4. Friday, Ronnie went on a over night fishin' trip with his dad and Mr. Sweatt (an old friend of the family). He said they didn't catch anything, but enjoyed the visit!

5. I previewed my talk Saturday in Seminole for our Emmaus Team. Friday was an awful day, I guess it was spiritual warfare. But I had tons of trouble with the house that morning, I popped my stroller tire, got the wrong book in the mail that I'd been waiting to get, etc. Well I laid down for a nap with the boys because I hadn't finished my talk and I was just not in the mood to work on it. I prayed as I was rubbing Drew's back and fell asleep. When I woke-up it was if God had given me the complete manuscript for my talk in my dreams. Royce, our neighbor took the boys swimming- I LOVE THAT MAN!!!, and I finished my talk. Saturday was AMAZING. The Spirit of God was so thick in that place...I can't describe it. The music was awesome, the talks were awesome, the prayer was awesome and I was just in awe of how good God is! So, I got home and went to bed and woke-up Sunday morning completely fired up. I taught my 2nd graders about Creation, and that Jesus was there on the first day with the Father and Spirit. We talked about how cool it is that God made plants before he made the Sun because HE lit the World. It was just anointed...then I went to Church and saw our friend Dustin rockin' out on the drums, and was praising God for how good He is to answer prayer. Then I started thanking him for opening the door to let our other friend Ryan speak about Kairos in church that morning. I was just in a zone - full of the Spirit. Well we started singing the song "Here I am to Worship" and I just stood up. I was just singing and praising God (with my eyes closed b/c I get distracted when they are open). Well half way through the song I realized no one else in the entire church was standing. Yea, our church doesn't stand very much when we sing. So needless to say I wanted to sit down, but I just couldn't...I could fill the Spirit of the Lord so strongly in that place. So as Ronnie and I drove home we just laughed and laughed. It was hilarious...he said, "You know next time you feel that full of the Spirit and think you'll want to stand up, maybe we should sit in the back instead of on the second row!" He He!!!


all4boys said...

Praise God! I am feeling that post...I have done that's not you doing the action, but the Holy Spirit moving in you. Isn't that just amazing??? Praise God!!! We had church yesterday as well...not we went to church, but we HAD church. It was so anointed, I just can't even describe it. Sounds like God is doing something huge in you...I will pray that you will be open to Him...much love, IN CHRIST!!!!

Anonymous said...


Erin Homann said...

hi. your boys are adorable. i bet they keep you on your toes and having lots of laughs. not sure about an aggie game--haven't thought that far in advance. that would be tons of fun. hope y'all enjoy. will it be the first for kade and drew? btw, what is your email address?

darsey03 said...

Thank you for all your encouragement with my photos, Dawn! It doesn't surprise me to see that encouragement is one of your spiritual gift. Any time you are in the metroplex, I would love to do portraits of your two handsome boys. Hope all is well, and keep on praising God any way you feel the Spirit lead. It is so freeing to worship so uninhibitedly (is that a word?).


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