Monday, July 27, 2009

Biggest Loser - One more week!!!

Psalm 37:23-24 NLT
"The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He DELIGHTS IN EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR LIVES. Though they stumble, the will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand."
I just thought this verse was extremely encouraging. There is NO DETAIL of my life that God does not care about...not even one!!!
To know the Creator of the Earth, ELOHIM, loves me that much cause a flood of peace to just wash over me!!!
It's That Time:
Name: Dawn
Weight +/- : Lost 3 pounds =)
Goal for the last week (let's all finish STRONG):
I want to try and do the "30 Day Shred by Jillian" every day and drink at least 80 oz. of water a day!
Prayer Request: Ronnie and I are looking for a church home. Sundays are VERY hard for me because I miss my old "church family". God has been directing our steps, and it was His will that we leave our old church. However, I am ready to get "planted" somewhere SOON!!!
Your Turn:


The Mellberg Family said...

I lost 1 pound this week.

I want to try the 30 day Shred. Does it work?

We will miss you at church. I'm feeling that way lately too.

Please pray for Dusty to have a safe trip home from PA.

Shanda said...

Oh girl. A month on vacation going from relatives to relatives and having them all feed us their "best" didn't help me to gain the "biggest loser title!!" I think I've actually gained weight; but there are no scales here to confirm that!

Hoping to get back on track next week when we are finally home again for good!!

LOVE the Scripture (as usual!!)

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for following through with this losin' challenge...and only one week to go! Not nearly where I had hoped to be when I started but the accountability is great. I have made some good - no really good - changes during these past weeks.

And I want to finish strong! Exercise seems to be a real obstacle for me - I'll make it my goal this week! I hate exercise!!

But I love that God cares about every little detail of my life!! Great verse. And certainly praying that you will find that church home/family important they are!

PS - Will have an actual weight for the final week!

Nicole Friedel said...

I'm still at -3 lbs total, though I've been lifting weights for 1 1/2 weeks and can tell a difference already, so am expecting great things!
My goal is to weight train 3x this week.
My prayer request is to find a better time for my quiet time with the Lord, so I can be more faithful.

Shannon Rodriguez said...

No loss or gain.
Goal is to run 1X this week! I can do it. I've been busy with my nose in a chemistry book and don't have energy for running. It is so addicting once you start so I know if get back to running I'll want to do it again and again.
Praying for your family.

Belinda said...

Maybe this next week will be better, I have been so stressed out with my grandma in the hosp. then an ER trip and back home I am dragging to say the least.I did make it 3 days last week to the gym and off to a great start this week.Thanks for all the encouraging words you all inspire me you really do.

Please continue to pray for grandmas health,& my boys. School is about to start. High school here we come.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I almost forgot to check in. Staying the same. I am trying to get into a regular exercise routine. Tell me about this shred thing I am hearing about. My prayer request is that my son and husband will have safe travel to from and during their trip to Washington DC. I am up to 64 oz of water daily and that is a biggie for me. I have maintained that for almost 2 weeks now. My main goal is exercising at least 4 times this upcoming week. Jackie

Haylee Potter said...

I didn't weigh in this week....I don't know why, I guess because it was a crazy busy weekend and I am still trying to recover. I will weigh in next week for the big finale!!!! Hope you are all well.

Prayer request: Chance's grandmother (Gary's mother) fell and broke her arm and leg and split her head open. The CAT scan revealed bleeding on her brain from the fall and that her brain is also eaten up with cancer. Please pray for comfort for her (Bess).


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