Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Posts In One Day: Vacation...Take Two

Thursday we spent half the day in the water park section of Sea World. That night we went to the River Walk.
Kade at the Alamo.
We stopped by the Rain Forest Cafe, but decided to eat Mexican food on the river.

Dinner was amazing as we were serenaded by a mariachi band.

After dinner we took the river walk boat road. We ran into some old friends from Seminole, Josh and Amanda Elder, in line to ride the boats. It was so good to see them and their two precious kids. Friday morning we went to the San Antonio Zoo.
Kade was so tired by Friday; he couldn't walk one more step. I have this same picture of Drew when we went to the Zoo two years ago (wish I could find it =)
The park train took us on a two-mile journey. The boys loved it...especially the part where we went over the bridge. In the picture below they are saying, "Choo-choo!"

Kade feeding nectar to the birds.

Ray and Susan met us at the zoo with Reagan and Hannah. Drew told Reagan she could ride on his lap.

The boys looking at the fish.

The San Antonio Zoo has a "beach" area where the kiddos cooled off.

After the zoo we headed for Levelland. The boys were happy during the entire trip. It was amazing; I didn't give any spankings the whole time we were gone (and if you know the Jenkins' boys, you know that is a miracle.) Ha!! Ha!!
On our way home we went through Sonora. The boys really enjoyed the caverns they have there. The picture below is a pool of water in bottom of the cave. The caves were found in the early 1900's by a rancher. We climbed 150 feet below ground was really cool.
Drew thought everything looked like ice cream.

This formation looks like a butterfly. The caves were vandalized a few years ago so the top portion of the "wing" on the right hand side is missing.


holly crutcher said...

Looks like yall had a great time! You took some great pics! You look great in that purple top by the way. :]

Chris said...

Wow, those are awesome pics of the animals! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! Hugs!


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