Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just a little craft project...

I just finished a project for the Walk to Emmaus coming up in November.
Each of the seven tables with participants will have an assigned name in the conference room. These sign's will help the participants (a.k.a. pilgrims) find their table.

Poor Holly suffered some serious burns from the hot glue gun this morning while she was wrapping the vases. I think even with our small budget these signs turned out pretty stinkin' cute.

Drew said, "Mom, I like your belly buttons."
(He was referring to the marbles in the middle of the bow.)
Ha!!! Ha!!!

I am praying the extra "bling-bling" will put a sparkle in each pilgrim's eyes, and that they know how special they are to God.
He knows their name.
He counts each hair on their head.
He is MIGHTY TO SAVE each one.
I know I might be "over-estimating" the power of a little "bling", but God can use ANYTHING to woo his children into a closer relationship with Him.

Speaking of "little things"...
I forgot to mention last Friday the boys and I headed over to Brownfield to help with the Rudd Unit's Kairos. Kairos is a like a Walk to Emmaus, but held inside the prison walls for the "men in white". I spent most of the day helping get the enchiladas ready for dinner (a.k.a burning the tortillas, burning the velveeta cheese, and making a huge mess =), but I think Kade had more of an impact for God's Kingdom than my cooking did. Jana called me Sunday to tell me about how Kade touched the life of a man named Anthony. You see every time the men eat they receive a paper place mat with their meal. The place mats are decorated with verses, pictures colored by children, and hand prints. Kade's hand print touched this man because he had a 2-year old son named Kade as well. He hasn't been able to see his son for a long, long time; Kade's hand print finally broke down walls surrounding this man's heart. He was ministered to that evening. During the open-mike portion of the Kairos' closing on Sunday, Anthony stood-up and talked about my little Kader Tater, and how God used Kade's hand print as a sign of hope and love from his own son. He said it was "God's way to show me my son was waving at me."



Shannon Rodriguez said...

Amen! God is good!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely LOVE the centerpieces! Always looking for an original idea - this one is a keeper!

Janera said...

cute, cute! They're going to be perfect!


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