Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday we had over 2 inches of rain in west Texas.
Rain + bikes + big puddles =
two happy little boys It was still sprinkling a little when they went riding bikes which made the "ride" even better.
I think they would have stayed out there for hours if it wasn't dinner time.
Monday we bought school supplies for Drew.

Kade said, "Me, me backpack too. Red backpack."

He and the backpack are inseparable...he carries his baby puppy, his truck and trailer, his train, etc. with him everywhere.

That is just one of the many things I love about Kade...he loves to keep all of his stuff close at hand. He gives his truck/trailer a bath every night, AND they "sleep" under his pillow each night. One night I thought I could take them out when he fell asleep, but he woke-up in the middle of the night and asked me to go get his 'rucks'!!!

Last Sunday he went down for the children's sermon, and in the middle of the message he started to yell, "Mama, 'ruck'. Mama, 'ruck'. MAMA, RUCK!!!"

The whole time I was doing the mom head shake know the one where you have "mean mom eyes" and are shaking your head firmly back and forth.

Well, Kade didn't understand, and got-up in the middle of everything, made his way back to our pew, and said again, "MAMA 'RUCK'!!!"

He wanted to take them back down front, but was denied. He started to cry, so I made my way out of the sanctuary and he said, "Oh, man!!!"

I just love that kid.

I love his independence.

I love his broken language: like when he says, "Back HOE", "Me, Me, do", and shrugs his shoulders to say, "Daddy is?"

I love it when he says, "Mama love you big fish" (a.k.a. Mama, I love you more than a big fish.")

I love it when he does his "happy dance"!!!
I love to hear him yell, "Cannon ball!" right before he jumps into the pool.

I love it when he grunts in frustration.

I love it that he is my little happy jack!



all4boys said...

He sounds just like my Drew. I love that he keeps all his "treasures" nearby. My Drew is 9 years old and STILL keeps them all close by. He's the one that gives me every rock he finds. Hence my extensive rock collection. I love that about him!! Love those pics, too, girl, they are way too cute!

Will your Drew be going into preschool or kindergarten? Good luck with that...and it's ok if you cry! I did with all of mine. That first day I stayed at the school ALL DAY. Yup. No joke. I could NOT bear to leave my "babies" there without me being in the building!!! I'm such a sap. I love my boys, though.

Love in Christ!!!!

Jennifer said...

So glad you got some rain...we were in Texas surely needed the rain!! My goodness. And puddles only make the rain grander!!

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