Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Andrew Ryan's Big Day

One sweet chapter closed today, and another opened.

The last 4 1/2 years have been more than I could have ever hoped for, but the next chapter holds treasures too!
My baby started Pre-School today. He will be going to Levelland Christian School MWF mornings from 8:30-11:30.
I thought I would cry today, but I was so full of joy I didn't even get misty-eyed.

I KNOW that God has anointed Drew's life. God has good plans for Drew, plans that are filled with a future and hope (and Drew always adds in "big Bobcat muscles" when I tell him about God's promise =). I just couldn't help but dream a little today what those plans might be. Glimmer from the gifts God has given Drew have started showing already, and I tell you I was so full of hope today it just had to be pouring out of my ears.

The boys morning started around 7...they enjoyed a little "wake-up" time in Daddy's chair watching the Cars.
Kade wakes up ready to eat, but Drew has to have at least 30 minutes !

Then we ate breakfast on a table filled with green balloons. Drew was so excited about the green buttermilk biscuits I made (we used Nonni's secret recipe=). He knows when he eats off his "special" plate we are celebrating something special.

Charla's mom, Laura, made this plate for Drew when he turned one. Isn't it awesome?!!?
Drew loves it...I need to order a plate for Kade (I am making myself a note to call her!)
Maybe she can make one with lots of red trucks and horses on it =)

Kade and I prayed over Drew this morning before we dressed for the "special day"!!!


So grown-up!!!
Drew and Me on his first day of school!!!
Circle time with Ms. Sonya.

Clappin' hands with Ms. Sonya and Ms. Sharla!
Daddy and Drew
I thought to myself, "He really looks like he's is listening." Hmm???

Drew found his name right away and put his John Deere backpack up. Or course, Kade took cue from Drew and put his red backpack up too!

After we dropped off Drew, Kade and I headed back to the car.

He said, "Bubba's seat?"

I said, "You want to sit in Drew's car seat?"

Kade: "Yea."

I was expecting Kade to shed a few tears for his big brother, you know the little bubba leaving big bubba scenario. Maybe that is why he wanted to sit in Drew's seat...just missing his big brother???!!!????

I said, "Drew is at school, Kaders."

Kade yelled, "Hip, Hip Hooray. Woohoo!!!"

He wasn't as broken-up about it as I thought he'd be!!!

Kade and I went to pick Drew up at 11:30, after we had some "Mama and Kade" time.

We picked up McDonald's (another special treat for Drew) and headed home.

Thank you Lord for the privileges you have allowed us to enjoy today. Thank you for the freedom you have given us in Jesus Christ, and for the freedom we have living in this country. I am so thankful for Levelland Christian School, Ms. Sonya, Ms. Sharla, and for the treasures you have given me in Drew and Kade. I know there is no higher ministry in this world than to raise two of your children. I don't deserve the gift you have given me in them, but I cherish it. Help me Lord to use each and every minute I have with Drew and Kade to train them up in the way that they should go. Help me to encourage the gifts you have bestowed upon them. Fill me with your Spirit and renew my mind, so I can help them EXPERIENCE YOU!!! Give me the wisdom to fill them with your Word, your Love, and Your Truth. It is all for your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen!


Shanda said...

Amen! What a great prayer.

Your sons are so handsome!! Glad Drew's first day went so well and that you were filled with peace and joy!

My kids and I pray every day on the way to school-they pray for each other & it is one of my favorite things!

May Drew's first school year be blessed!!

Paige said...

Oh my this was the sweetest post. Of course your day was so good and blessed - the thought of you and Kade praying over Drew brought tears to my eyes. How blessed your family is to have a Mommy so full of the Spirit that of course it is pouring into your family. Thanks for sharing such a special day with us. I loved the green biscuit! I promise your babies will remember the little special suprises me what my older kids remember like that.
In Him, pl

The Mellberg Family said...

That's great. He looks so big and smart in those pictures. Looks like he's going to love school.

Charla (SHar-la) said...

My favorite is the thumb in the pocket with the rest of his hand hanging out. Hope he doesn't start calling Ms. Sharla, Lala! HA!

So glad to hear it all went well. I want to call ya and hear all about it from the little guy himself. Been spending all my waking moments in my classroom getting things ready.

Love y'all!

gara hill said...

Your sons are just ridiculously cute. I've so enjoyed reading your posts and can't wait to turn to you for tips on raising a good Christian boy. XOXO

Nicole Friedel said...

Drew is growing so fast! and your boys are are so good-lookin'! I'm so glad that Drew had a good first day, and you and Kade too! KatieLynn starts Sept. 1, and I know she'll be so excited, but I'm a little afraid I'll be emotional... Love you!!

Jennifer said...

Those are two handsome boys, for sure! Enjoy your proud momma moments this week!

Shayla said...


Great Pictures!
Great Prayer!
Great Kids!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited for Drew! I love how he has a "special plate"

Its awesome that you and Kade prayed for Drew together in the morning- I am taking lots of mommy notes and tips from you!!!!

Keep us updated on Drew :D


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