Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2nd Night of Bible Study

WOW is all I can say. God is good! We had 14 girls in attendance last night for our Bible Study on marriage. Most arrived at 8:45 and we closed around 10:05. Three called in about missing due to illness, being out of town, and Christi Moore had a 7lb. 7oz. baby boy yesterday named Brody. Congrats Christi! (In case you didn't hear all of that...we have 17 girls on our roster!!! =) These girls are dedicated to letting God use them to improve their marriages. I can see Him already at work. The discussion last night was AMAZING and Holly did a fabulous job leading us. "Lord I thank you for this group of ladies and I thank you in advance that marriages will be healed and improved over the next 15 weeks. Your Word is life to us Father. Lord we do not want to be lukewarm Christians...set us ablaze with your Holy Spirit. I praise you for the friendships that are budding and I pray you would nurture all the girls as they seek your will for their lives, marriages, and children. Amen!"

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